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  1. Yoimiya Full Costume
  2. Yoimiya Orange Wig
  3. Yoimiya Weapon
  4. Wooden Clog
  5. Yoimiya Cosplay Headwear

Easy DIY Yoimiya Costume Guide

Yoimiya will surely be a fiery hit among modern-day gamers playing Genshin Impact. Naganohara Yoimiya is a colorful character from the Inazuma region and a fireworks specialist. She owns Naganohara Fireworks, which she effortlessly runs with her colorful fireworks and outgoing personality. This young lady is generally well-liked by everyone on Narukami Island, earning herself the title “Queen of the Summer Festival”. As we too have experienced, summer isn’t the same without her. Her extroverted and cheery personality may make people think she’s defenseless, but she is a skilled archer and pyrotechnician who can handle herself just fine.

To dress like Yoimiya, wear a full Yoimiya costume and wooden clogs. Wear a Yoimiya orange wig with a set of Yoimiya cosplay headpieces and a Yoimiya weapon.

About Yoimiya From Genshin Impact

The people of Inazuma City love Yoimiya for the fireworks she creates. She is also particularly good with kids, thanks to her friendly, hands-on approach. She is anything but a worry-wort, but she is pretty adept at reading people’s hearts and can tell if they’re hiding something. She is also a fast speaker but is known to be reckless and unprepared with her creations.

This energetic girl is highly devoted to her father and their family business, giving a lot of priority to customer satisfaction. Her customer base is so massive and loyal that they would help her at a moment’s notice.

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