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The Yanfei cosplay is taken right from the action roleplaying game, Genshin Impact. She is a playable Pyro-class character that players can control.

Yanfei is a deceptively cute character since she is actually one of the half-illuminated beasts. She stands out among them as one who has not yet signed a contract with Rex Lapis.

Even so, Yanfei is a hard worker and puts her efforts toward bettering Liyue. She does this by putting her skills as a legal adviser to use.

Due to her intellectual prowess, she is a favorite character among many players of Genshin. If you love playing Yanfei, you will love dressing up as her even more.

Below, you will find a guide on how to dress as Yanfei from Genshin Impact. Follow the guide to get started on your new favorite cosplay.

You’ll Need:

  1. Yanfei Cosplay Costume
  2. Green Cosplay Eyes
  3. Yanfei Cosplay Shoes
  4. Yanfei Cosplay Wig

DIY Yanfei Cosplay Guide

The Yanfei costume has a highly detailed and intricate-looking design that could be tricky to create on your own. Getting a ready-made Yanfei cosplay can help you get a 100 percent accurate look with little work.

After the foundation has been taken care of, you can move on to her wig. Yanfei has light, baby pink hair that is tipped white at the bottom. She has choppy bangs and shorter hair that she wears in pigtails.

On her feet, Yanfei wears a pair of black, gold, and red boots that rise up to her calves. They have pointed golden toes that make them come to life.

One of Yanfei’s famous features is her large green eyes. In order to achieve her vibrant green eyes, you can get a pair of green-colored contact lenses.

Yanfei Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Yanfei Cosplay Costume

The Yanfei is taken from the game Genshin Impact, whose characters all tend to have a traditional East Asian style of dress. This outfit is an example of this. For this reason, it’s a great choice for anyone who likes the appearance of such things.

This Yanfei outfit features a short skirt and billowy sleeves, which makes it an ideal choice for wear during the warmer months. You can make the outfit stand out at any time by having friends dress as other characters from the game. It can be easily turned into a group costume.

Yanfei Cosplay

About YanfeiFrom Genshin Impact

Yanfei is one of the many playable characters in the Genshin Impact video game. She is a Pyro-class character, which goes along with her oftentimes spunky personality.

Yanfei is a smart character who works for the city of Liyue as a legaladviser. She is one of the few remaining half-illuminated beasts that hasn’t signed a contract with Rex Lapis, leaving her in a unique position.

Yanfei is beloved for her strengths on the battlefield as well as her mental capabilities. She makes cosplay popular for this reason.

Above, we have outlined how to create your very own Yanfei cosplay. Follow these steps and get your costume ready for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Yanfei?

1. “I’ll remind you again: The law can be both a help and a hindrance.“
2. “Do not seek to emulate the past, for there is no law that can suffice for all time.“
3. “There’s a saying in Liyue: “Food is life.” I gotta admit, the supporting evidence is pretty compelling.“

4. “Studying the law allows one to have grounded conversations, whilst learning martial arts allows one to prevail against groundless violence.“
5. “Only by adhering to the law can the people solve life’s myriad of problems. “
6. “Sometimes the law is compatible with human nature, but sometimes the two conflict. Balancing the two is a discipline in its own right. “

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