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Xingqiu is one of the many playable characters in the roleplaying action game Genshin Impact. This game features a large cast of characters, including the Hydro character, Xingqiu.

Xingqiu is the second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild’s Manager, making him a rather influential person. He is also known to practice the arts of the Guhua Clan.

Xingqiu loves to read and takes a lot of inspiration from the heroes in the stories that he likes the best. Even though he strives to be chivalrous and gallant, his mischievous nature sometimes gets in his way.

For many, Xingqiu is a beloved character. If you love to play him, you will also love dressing up just like him. Below, we will show you how to put together your very own Xingqiu cosplay.

You’ll Need:

  1. Xingqiu Costume
  2. Xingqiu Earring
  3. Xingqiu Cosplay Shoes
  4. Xingqiu Wig

DIY Xingqiu Cosplay Guide

In order to get the best possible results from your cosplay, you can get a ready-made Xingqiu costume. This will ensure all of the details of the outfit are taken care of, which could otherwise be difficult to create by hand.

Xingqiu wears a pair of boots that go up past his shins and end with a band just below his knee. They are white in color with black and gold details. You can find a replica of these boots online.

The Xingqiu costume would not be complete without his wig. It is a short wig that has swept bangs and an asymmetrical cut. The blue color matches well with his ensemble.

Pay attention to all of the smaller details of this outfit by including his earring as part of your accessories. This will add a special touch that shows the care that went into the cosplay.

Xingqiu Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Xingqiu Cosplay Costume

Since Xingqiu is a Hydro class character, his clothes reflect that using various shades of blue. On its face, this costume is great for anyone who shares that as their favorite color.

It also takes inspiration from traditional East Asian styles of dress, making it ideal for those who love such historical attire.

If you want to make this Xingqiu costume into a group endeavor, you can have other friends dress up as one of the many Genshin Impact characters as well.

Xingqiu Cosplay

About Xingqiu From Genshin Impact

Xingqiu is a Hydro playable character in the video game Genshin Impact. He comes from a well-known and prolific family, including a father who is the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild.

Xingqiu is an avid reader who puts a lot of stock in the stories of the heroes that he reads. He strives to be just like them, even though his mischievous spirit often gets in the way of his chivalry.

Due to his unique blend of combat skill and dreamy bookishness, Xingqiu is a popular character among players. If you love him and want to cosplay him, this Xingqiu cosplay guide has shown you how. Follow the steps outlined above to create your own Xingqiu cosplay and get it ready for your next convention or costumed event.

What is the most famous quote from Xingqiu?

1. “I never embark on a journey without a good book to accompany me.“
2. “Xingqiu at your service, my liege! I humbly trust that even one such as I, a mere bookworm, may yet prove to be of some utility under your wise leadership. Nice, I don’t often get a chance to speak with such formality. It felt pretty good!“
3. “A weaver of verses who draws from an ocean of expression.“
4. “My book? Oh, never mind that! I can always pick up where I left off when I get back. But those in distress who need our assistance cannot afford to wait.“
5. “May my final stand be a monument to chivalry.“
6. “I’ll see you then. Unless you manage to get lost on the way.“
7. “What say you we snatch a few fireflies and read in the light they give? Hey, I’m joking. Seriously, don’t, it’s bad for your eyesight.“

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