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Ganyu costume is sure to be an icy hit among modern-day gamers who spend their days playing Genshin Impact.

Ganyu is a very popular Cyro archer from the game Genshin Impact. Under contract with the Geo Archon Morax, she has fought numerous battles to keep her home safe.

She is a half-qilin adept hailing from Liyue who serves as the general secretary for the Liyue Qixing. She is well-known for her calm and collected personality, as well as her skills with official tasks.

Ganyu is usually quiet and reserved, but she always completes whatever is given to her, even if reluctantly at times. But she certainly won’t tolerate people badmouthing Beidou or Morax!

She became a fan favorite thanks to her majestic appearance and crazy DPS potential. As such, her costume is perfect for those who want to cosplay as a graceful and elegant warrior.

You’ll Need:

  1. Ganyu Full Costume
  2. Ganyu Blue Wig
  3. Blue Crystal Ball
  4. Ganyu Shoes

DIY Ganyu Costume Guide

Ganyu instantly became a popular and iconic character from Genshin Impact because of her unique outfit.

The simple and beautiful ensemble makes her stand out among other characters and has become a style gamers look to when dressing up.

Her popularity and colorful appearance make the Ganyu cosplay a common one. Follow our Ganyu costume guide below to mimic her look with ease.

Get started with a full Ganyu costume because this outfit is all about the small details, which you cannot get wrong. This set includes her bodysuit, dress, decorations, arm pieces, and waist piece.

Procure a Ganyu Cosplay Blue Wig next to mimic her gorgeous long hair. Don’t forget to add her two Qilin horns on top, either.

Next, you’re going to need a pair of Ganyu cosplay shoes to envelop your feet with all the right details.

Finally, you must get a blue crystal ball to serve as the prop for her ultimate. For added effect, paint the Qilin pattern on it before heading out!

Ganyu Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Ganyu Cosplay Costume

Ganyu’s overall appearance is both striking and simple, with the focus falling on its high-quality materials and intricate details. This is why the detailing is so important, all the way down to the embroidery on the robe!

If you’re a huge Genshin Impact fan, this getup is ideal for you. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, prepare a prop of her signature weapon, the Amos Bow!

Embrace the valiant Adeptus within you like she does and summon a blizzard with this Ganyu cosplay. Fortunately, it is a fairly straightforward ensemble made from a few pieces that can be pieced together in no time.

Why not try to do a Genshin Impact Group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Zhongli, Xiao, and Keqing to crash any party with you.

Ganyu Costume

About Ganyu from Genshin Impact

Ganyu has a strong sense of duty and is fiercely protective of her friends and allies. She is also deeply connected to her Adeptus heritage and possesses a unique perspective on the world as a result.

Despite having worked as a secretary for thousands of years, she never fails to throw in the extra effort. At the same time, she becomes increasingly nervous and is prone to making mistakes on occasion.

Thanks to her never-ending work schedule, she often works overtime and is prone to falling asleep from exhaustion. As a side effect, she has very few friends outside of work, but those close to her know what an endearing girl she is!

What is the most famous quote from Ganyu?

1. “With authority over a thousand comes responsibility to a thousand.”

2. “I don’t understand why people insist on going all out to try and prove how their existence is more valuable than everyone else’s. To exist in the first place is a beautiful thing, and that’s enough… isn’t it?”

3. “If you lie on the grass, you can feel the heartbeat of the world.”

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