Felicity Shagwell Outfits 0 (0)

Felicity Shagwell Outfits

Anyone who wants to try the Felicity Shagwell outfits must be her fan. She is dope and hot all at once. She is known for her style, charisma, attractive figure, and boldness. Her way of carrying the weapons makes her super cool. She is a CIA agent and is undoubtedly incredible. She is a fantastic … Read more

Vanessa Kensington Costume 0 (0)

Vanessa Kensington costume

Be the most eye-catching and sexy at the party in this sparkling Vanessa Kensington costume! Vanessa Kensington is the wife of Austin Powers across Austin Power’s films. She is the perfect antithesis of Austin Powers. Austin is expressive, careless, easy-going, and clumsy, but Vanessa is calculated, stoic and sexy. Across her two appearances in the … Read more

Last-Minute Foxxy Cleopatra Costume Idea 0 (0)

foxxy cleopatfoxxy cleopatra costumera costume

Foxxy Cleopatra is a character in the Austin Powers in Goldmember. Beyonce portrayed Foxxy Cleopatra, making her screen debut in this film.

Foxxy Cleopatra is a sidekick of Austin Powers. She is also an undercover spy. The two work together to take down the organization that Foxxy Cleopatra was once a part of.

She does this because she wants revenge on Goldmember for killing her partner.

Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) Costume 0 (0)

dr. evil costume

Dr. Evil is played by Mike Meyers in the Austin Powers movies, who also plays the main character, Austin Powers.

Throughout the movies, viewers learn some interesting tidbits about what makes him who he is. Perhaps the most unsettling of them all is that he attended an “evil” medical school.

He plans to destroy the world using his own interesting brand of terrifying knowledge. Through this plan, he also intends to take down his nemesis, Austin Powers, at the same time.

Fembot: Gorgeous And Deadly Android women 5 (1)

fembot costume

In the movie Austin Powers, the Fembot costume became one of the most commonly worn. In this movie, some women are actually androids. They dress up in skimpy clothing and have big blonde hair that makes them stand out. Of all the many colorful characters in the film, these are perhaps the most memorable.

Austin Powers: Remarkably Humorous Spy 0 (0)

austin powers costume

Austin Powers costume is something that you’d like to pull off when you want to be extraordinary and funny at the same time. The costume is based on a British spy agent in a movie entitled “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.” Austin is the main protagonist of the series, an international mystery man, and a member of the British Intelligence Academy. In some ways, Austin’s life during the 1960s could have been considered a spoof of espionage flicks. Still, his bizarre and odd behavior has sealed his place in cinematic history as the one and only authentic “International Man of Mystery.”