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Be the most eye-catching and sexy at the party in this sparkling Vanessa Kensington costume!

Vanessa Kensington is the wife of Austin Powers across Austin Power’s films.

She is the perfect antithesis of Austin Powers. Austin is expressive, careless, easy-going, and clumsy, but Vanessa is calculated, stoic and sexy.

Across her two appearances in the Austin Powers franchise, she isn’t as important as him. Still, she is a strong deuteragonist to Austin in the first film.

You’ll Need:

  1. Silver Dress
  2. Silver Boots
  3. Beehive Wig
  4. Toy Gun

DIY Vanessa Kensington Costume Guide

Vanessa Kensington is able to stand out since her outfits, as well as her demeanor, communicate a tone that is completely different from almost every other character in the Austin Powers franchise.

To dress like Vanessa Kensington, all you will need are a Silver Dress paired with Beehive Wig and Silver Boots. Then, add a Toy Gun to complete the finishing touches on your costume.

Vanessa Kensington Cosplay Costume

Vanessa Kensington’s outfits in the film are memorable, especially the silver one.

This costume is very simple as long as you have a bit of creativity. Don’t cosplay Vanessa Kensington alone, have your partner dress up as Austin Powers so you can get a great couple costume idea.

And now, you are ready to take photos in the costume. There are a couple of poses from the film itself that you can pull from, but you may want to add your own spin on things to make your own photos more unique.

Vanessa Kensington costume

About Vanessa Kensington

Vanessa is a somewhat basic character in the Austin Powers movies but still has a great purpose as the love interest for our protagonist.

She acts as someone that is a goal for Austin to gain approval of and forces him to develop parts of his character if he wants to be with her. She is also threatening in her own right—trained by the British intelligence agency.

However, in the second movie, she is killed off. Probably to make way for more love interests for Austin and not pin him down to a single status quo.

There is no denying that Vanessa did remain a very iconic character throughout the 90s.

Vanessa Kensington Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Vanessa Kensington?

1. “I’m gonna get us some more champagne jungle boy.”

2. “I’ve never felt better Austin.”

3. “I don’t believe you, Austin! I mean, she was repellant.”

4. “Mr. Powers, my job is to acclimatize you to the nineties. You know, a lot’s changed since 1967.”

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