Seth Superbad Costume 0 (0)

Seth Superbad costume

Seth is a senior high school student in the movie Superbad. The movie takes place during his final weeks of senior year. He wants to spend the summer going to parties in order to get ready for college. The issue with the plan is that Seth and his friends are not very popular at all. … Read more

Last-Minute Eazy-E Outfit Idea 5 (1)

Eazy-E outfit

With an Eazy-E costume, you can pay homage to the late excellent rap legend.

Eazy-E was an American rapper. He was also a famous entrepreneur and record producer. He was born under the name Eric Lynn Wright and quickly climbed the ranks of rap music.

He was thought to be one of the pioneers of the gangsta rap genre, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in mainstream music at the time. He is known for his musical lyrics full of imagery that added a certain poetic feel to the genre.

Last-Minute Foxxy Cleopatra Costume Idea 0 (0)

foxxy cleopatfoxxy cleopatra costumera costume

Foxxy Cleopatra is a character in the Austin Powers in Goldmember. Beyonce portrayed Foxxy Cleopatra, making her screen debut in this film.

Foxxy Cleopatra is a sidekick of Austin Powers. She is also an undercover spy. The two work together to take down the organization that Foxxy Cleopatra was once a part of.

She does this because she wants revenge on Goldmember for killing her partner.