Agent 47 (Hitman) Costume

Agent 47 Costume

An Agent 47 costume is sure to be a bullseye amongst Gamer cosplayers who grew up playing The Hitman series. Agent 47, also known as “The Hitman” or simply “47”, is the player character of the Hitman games. He is a fan-favorite professional hitman with a consciousness of his own. Created by Doctor Ort-Meyer as … Read more

Mr. Clean Halloween Costume

Mr. Clean Halloween costume

A Mr. Clean costume is sure to get a laugh out of your friends. Mr. Clean is one of the most successful and popular mascots for products and commercials.

Unlike many other mascots of products, Mr. Clean actually has a backstory, which makes him even more memorable.

The story goes that he is found alone as a baby by a farmer. The farmer raised the baby as his own.

With the influence of the hardworking farmers during his upbringing, he decided to become the hardest working cleaner in the world.

From this backstory, the famous Mr. Clean cleaning products came to be.

Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) Costume

dr. evil costume

Dr. Evil is played by Mike Meyers in the Austin Powers movies, who also plays the main character, Austin Powers.

Throughout the movies, viewers learn some interesting tidbits about what makes him who he is. Perhaps the most unsettling of them all is that he attended an “evil” medical school.

He plans to destroy the world using his own interesting brand of terrifying knowledge. Through this plan, he also intends to take down his nemesis, Austin Powers, at the same time.

Gru (Despicable Me) Costume

gru costume

When you’ve seen the blockbuster movie “Despicable Me” at any point in your life, then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the main antagonist.

At the beginning of the movie series, Gru is depicted as the evilest character. Still, once it goes on, you begin to see a more sympathetic part of him.

He realizes that being wicked isn’t always as glamorous as it’s made up in some situations.

Uncle Fester: An Odd But Kind Uncle

uncle fester costume

As America’s favorite hunchback, this Uncle Fester costume is also loved by many cosplayers. Uncle Fester is a member of the spooky fictional Addams family on the American classic hit TV series turned movie series, The Addams Family. In the show and movies, he is depicted as being entirely hairless, having a barrel-shaped body, sunken eyes with deep, dark circles, and a demented grin. Despite his unsettling appearance, he is a sweet, gentle-hearted man who cares deeply for his family.

Squidward: The Cynical Clarinet Master

Squidward costume

Try out the Squidward costume and be a cynical clarinet master at the Halloween party. Hello? You’ve reached the house of unrecognized talent, Squidward Tentacles speaking. Squidward is an appreciator of the finer things in life, including the fine arts, classical music, and quality dining. So he finds himself distressed by his career as a cashier at the fast-food joint The Krusty Krab. He is especially irked by the cheerful disposition of his overzealous coworker, the fry cook Spongebob. In his spare time, he practices the clarinet in his tiki head-shaped home, which is conveniently located right next to Spongebob’s home.