Mr. Clean Halloween Costume

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A Mr. Clean costume is sure to get a laugh out of your friends. Mr. Clean is one of the most successful and popular mascots for products and commercials. Unlike many other mascots of products, Mr. Clean actually has a backstory, which makes him even more memorable. The story goes that he is found alone…

You’ll Need:

  1. White T-Shirt
  2. White Relaxed-Fit Pant
  3. White Fake Eyebrows
  4. Bald Cap
  5. White Leather Belt
  6. Gold Hoop Earring
  7. Vans White Slip-on Shoes

DIY Mr. Clean Halloween Costume Guide

Mr. Clean is a popular and easily recognizable mascot. He appears in commercials and on packages of Mr. Clean products instead of logos. 

Change up your usual cosplays with the refreshing look of a Mr. Clean costume.

Below, we will show you how to put together your own Mr. Clean costume.

Start with a White T-Shirt paired with White Relaxed-Fit Pant and Vans White Slip-on Shoes. 

Then, add Bald Cap, White Leather Belt, Gold Hoop Earring, and White Fake Eyebrows to complete the iconic look.

Mr. Clean Cosplay Costume

A Mr. Clean costume is a fun way to add something new to your cosplay portfolio. With his iconic white clothing and bald head, you will be recognized wherever you go. 

The apparel needed for the Mr. Clean costume is that you may already have in your home, making this an easy cosplay idea. 

Mr. Clean wears all white from head to toe to represent cleanliness. You can wear a simple white t-shirt and matching white pants to start the costume. 

Accessorize using a white belt around your waist and a matching pair of white slip-on shoes. 

Mr. Clean also wears a set of small gold hoop earrings. These earrings tend to twinkle in the light. 

The shiny jewelry is another way to show just how clean he is. Finish it off with a bald cap, and your costume is all set. 

Give your costume an extra dose of fun by shouting out the iconic slogan at the party. Also, you can invite your partner and have her dress up as a housewife to form a couple costume with you.

Mr. Clean Halloween costume

About Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is a mascot for a brand of cleaning products of the same name. Mr. Clean has always been a household name and was once the best-selling household cleaner.

The story goes that Mr. Clean was left on a farmer’s porch as a baby. When the farmer discovered him, he thought that he was the cleanest baby he had ever seen. 

The infant also got the farmer’s attention because he had a shiny bald head that was different, even for babies. 

He decided to take him in and raise him. Since Mr. Clean grew up around such hardworking farmers, he was inspired to be the same kind of person. 

He set out to become the hardest working cleaner in the world. From this character lore, the famous Mr. Clean products were born.

Mr. Clean Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous advertising slogans from Mr. Clean?

1. “There’s no clean like Mr. Clean.”

2. “The strength of Mr. Clean in five fresh scents.”

3. “Remove tough marks like you never thought you could!”

4. “You’ll get a spot-free shine without the need to dry. Guaranteed.”

5. “Mr. Clean leaves a sheen where you clean.”

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