Morticia Addams Costume 0 (0)

Morticia Addams Costume

The Morticia Addams costume is inspired by the matriarch of the Addams Family, Morticia. She has been played by many actresses over the years.  Though many would think her husband, Gomez, would be the head of the household, it is actually Morticia Addams. She is dedicated to upholding the reputation of the Addams family with … Read more

Pugsley Addams Costume 0 (0)

Pugsley Addams Costume

The Pugsley Addams costume is an easy way to dress up as a member of the quirky Addams family. He is one of the youngest members of the family. Pugsley Addams is a strange child with equally strange interests. He forgoes more traditional toys in favor of playing with axes, grenades, knives, and other dangerous … Read more

Gomez Addams: The Eerie Addams Family Patriarch 0 (0)

gomez addams costume

Dressing as Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the Addams Family is sure to capture attention. Gomez Addams is a loving father and attentive, romantic husband. Most commonly, you will see him in settings like walking up and down the walls of his sprawling mansion or lying down on a bed of nails. Even though he has an off-putting, creepy appearance, his personality is anything but. He is a warm, loving, and funny member of the Addams Family. He has a playful personality that makes him quite approachable despite how he looks.

Wednesday Addams: A Blunt And Pessimistic Girl 3 (1)

wednesday addams costume

The Addams Family is a show that first aired in 1964, giving viewers their first look at what would eventually become the iconic Wednesday Addams costume. Wednesday Addams is a member of this quirky family and is the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She is a young girl with a strong personality who is known for her gloomy outlook and blunt manner of speech. This rather emotionless child is often quite cynical and bitter. Her gloomy personality is shown in her black attire. This has become a rather famous look, and it’s one that you can easily recreate yourself.

Last-Minute Uncle Fester Costume Idea 0 (0)

uncle fester costume

As America’s favorite hunchback, this Uncle Fester costume is also loved by many cosplayers. Uncle Fester is a member of the spooky fictional Addams family on the American classic hit TV series turned movie series, The Addams Family. In the show and movies, he is depicted as being entirely hairless, having a barrel-shaped body, sunken eyes with deep, dark circles, and a demented grin. Despite his unsettling appearance, he is a sweet, gentle-hearted man who cares deeply for his family.