Fembot: Gorgeous And Deadly Android women

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In the movie Austin Powers, the Fembot costume became one of the most commonly worn. In this movie, some women are actually androids. They dress up in skimpy clothing and have big blonde hair that makes them stand out. Of all the many colorful characters in the film, these are perhaps the most memorable.

You’ll Need:

  1. Fembot Costume Pink Sexy Dress
  2. Blonde Curly Wig
  3. Pink Fluffy Feather High Heel Shoes
  4. Fluffy Marabou Feather
  5. Pink Fluff Feathers Fan

DIY Fembot Costume Gudie

The Fembot costume is one of the most popular costumes from the movie. If you’re thinking about trying fun and sex costume, look no further. Below, we have organized a brief guide for you to follow. This guide will help you put together your very own Fembot costume for your next costume party or convention. 

Start the iconic look with Fembot Costume Pink Sexy Dress and Pink Fluffy Feather High Heel Shoes. Accessories like Pink Fluff Feathers Fan and Fluffy Marabou Feather are also essential. Finally, don’t forget to wear a 70s Blonde Curly Wig to complete the look.

Fembot Cosplay Costume

The Fembot costume is characterized by slinky, see-through clothing. All of the women have blonde hair done up in a classic 1970s style that adds to the look.  Combining these two elements makes them easily recognizable to anyone who has seen the movie. 

The next time you head out for a costume party or convention, you can try your hand at a Fembot costume. Before anything else, you will want to make sure you take care of the main point of this costume: the sheer chemise. The chemise is pink, so look for one in a pink shade if you can. A pink feather boa can be applied to the hem of the chemise to finish its silhouette. It can also be used to create an external bra like the ones worn by the movie characters. Make it stand out even more by lining the underwire of a bra with it, so it becomes more prominent. 

Pink gloves are another must for this costume. Locate some pink gloves that fit up to the elbows to get the most accurate look. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of pink stiletto heels complete with feathers. Then, you can work on getting the hair right. You will need to find a blonde wig shaped into a beehive. You could also just get a blonde wig and style it yourself. Finally, you can finish the costume by putting a pink pompom accessory in the wig

fembot costume

About Fembot From Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a movie that is full of memorable and colorful characters. Dr. Evil designed them with the intention of using them to distract Austin Powers. The Fembots were blonde android women with beehive hair and pink chemises. They dressed pretty seductively and made an impression on the characters in the movie and its viewers. These characters are, therefore, some of the most easily recognizable from the film. The costume is sure to get you noticed.

Fembot Costume Makeup Tutorial | Austin Powers

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