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Anyone who wants to try the Felicity Shagwell outfits must be her fan. She is dope and hot all at once. She is known for her style, charisma, attractive figure, and boldness.

Her way of carrying the weapons makes her super cool. She is a CIA agent and is undoubtedly incredible. She is a fantastic lady but is a little obsessed with Austin and wants to spend quality time with him.

Her chemistry with Austin is loved on the show, and people enjoy their screen time.

You’ll Need:

  1. Dark Blue Playsuit
  2. Blonde Wig
  3. Black Long Boots
  4. Gun Prop
  5. Red Belt
  6. Hot Pink Ribbon

Felicity Shagwell Outfits DIY Guide

She is literally a diva, and her dress sense is simply outclassed. So it’s pretty obvious why people wish to get Felicity Shagwell outfits.

Follow our DIY guide to transform yourself into Felicity Shagwell.

First, you need a black shirt and a short black skirt. Then, you’ll get a black and red ribbon and style it on your shirt for the perfect look. However, finding the right-styled shirt would be a double bonus.

Next, you’ll need a belt that you’ll tie to the skirt. And last, grab a pair of long boots. You only have to grab a blonde wig and the right cosmetics for a perfect makeover.

Felicity Shagwell Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Felicity Shagwell Cosplay Costume

For those of you who prefer to look hot and chic, then Felicity Shagwell outfits are a must-have for you. Her dress sense is simply perfect.

Her outfits are always in trend and never go out of style. So, mate, don’t fret about following the trends.

Felicity Shagwell’s costume is elegant, neat, and tidy. So you should get yourself one on Halloween. It’s for all those who like Western outfits!

Felicity Shagwell Outfits

About Felicity Shagwell From Austin Powers

Being a CIA agent, she is a badass, bold, and confident woman. Completing a mission is all that matters to her, and she can do crazy things for it. For example, she makes out with a man only to insert a tracker into him.

The words “femme fatale” describe her perfectly. She is a pro at seducing men and causing them trouble. Felicity is in love with Austin and tries her best to be with him, and finally, she does.

Without her, the movie wouldn’t have been as entertaining as it is now. Her chemistry with the MC makes her even more popular.

She is not your cliche girl, but she is full of surprises. Felicity doesn’t hesitate when it comes to being unpredictable!

What is the most famous quote from Felicity Shagwell?

1. “That Was Easy.”

2. “Ah Ha! You Have To Answer. He Asked You Three Times.”

3. “Why Did You Tell Us?”

4. “I Was Just Doing My Job.”

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