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The goblin king costume has been a fan’s favorite for almost four decades now. Yes, the first appearance of Goblin King on TV was back in 1986.

His undeniable charisma is the reason he is the king of hearts. Despite having a negative character, he is one of the most loved guys.

One’s dress sense and style are important in gaining fame, and it was a piece of cake for the king. This is also why, after so many years, people wish to get a Goblin King costume.

Goblin King, aka Jareth, has incredible abilities, and he can easily shapeshift into an owl. No doubt, the movie wouldn’t have been successful without him.

You’ll Need:

  1. Goblin King  Costume
  2. Brown Jacket
  3. Blonde Wig
  4. Black Walking Cane
  5. Black Cape
  6. Brown Boots
  7. Goblin King Necklace
  8. Black Gloves

Goblin King Costume DIY Guide

The Goblin King costume looks difficult, but follow our Goblin King Costume DIY Guide. Trust me, it’s a piece of cake.

Start with getting yourself brown boots, a brown jacket, gray tights, and a black cape. These four things will complete 50% of your look. For the rest of the 50%, you need black gloves, a necklace, a walking cane, and a wig.

It was easy, wasn’t it? You are all set to call yourself a goblin king!

Don’t forget to get the right makeover if you don’t want to look bland!

Goblin King Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Goblin King Cosplay Costume

The Goblin King costume is iconic and the best look for costume pirates and Halloween. It’s stylish, cool, trendy, vintage, and aesthetic.

To top it all off, Goblin King enjoys great fame, which makes this look like a must-try. It’s for everyone who likes creativity and trying something different.
Pairing the coat with different pants sounds good to me. What better than wearing the pieces in different ways to different places?

So, hurry to try this look! You’ll be the unique one.

Goblin King Costume

About Jareth From  Labyrinth

Jareth is known for being a good manipulator and selfish.

He is a cruel guy who only thinks about himself and won’t hesitate to hurt others. Throughout the movie Labyrinth, she keeps creating trouble for Sarah.

Over time, we learn that Jareth isn’t that mean after all. He starts caring for Sarah, and his care for her is genuine.

So, a mix of good and bad qualities makes him a perfect character. He is the heart and soul of the movie, and the majority of the fans loved the movie because of him.

Though he feared being defeated, he accepted it later. He was a villain, but he wasn’t pure evil. Jareth is a fun and entertaining character.

What is the most famous quote from Goblin King?

1. “Your Mother Is A Fraggin’ Aardvark!”

2. “What Power?”

3. “Who Do?”

4. “Do What?”

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