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Fischl Cosplay

About Fischl From Genshin Impact Her childhood upbringing makes Fischl practically obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplaying as a benevolent princess. As such, she almost always speaks in a polite and formal manner. This eccentric speech etiquette confuses most people, but luckily, her companion Oz will translate for us. She is extremely passionate about this, … Read more

Last-Minute Yoimiya Costume idea 1 (1)

Yoimiya Cosplay

About Yoimiya From Genshin Impact The people of Inazuma City love Yoimiya for the fireworks she creates. She is also particularly good with kids, thanks to her friendly, hands-on approach. She is anything but a worry-wort, but she is pretty adept at reading people’s hearts and can tell if they’re hiding something. She is also … Read more

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Gorou Cosplay

About Gorou From Genshin Impact As the primary general of Watatsumi Island’s forces, Gorou has gained much respect and prestige. Regardless, he always remains a humble leader and is aware of his inexperience. His subordinates so profoundly trust him; he is someone you can share your deepest feelings with without shame. He will say what … Read more

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Last of Us Ellie Cosplay featured

The Last of Us Ellie’s costume comes from the Sony video game The Last of Us. The character of Ellie is voiced by Ashley Johnson. In The Last of Us, a pandemic that has raged for 20 years has completely decimated society. The infected humans effectively become zombies. The humans that have survived without becoming … Read more

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Omega Costume

The Omega costume comes from the video game Fortnite. It is one of the most popular skins in the game. Fortnite debuted in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular battle royale-style games to ever exist. It has many skins, which are ways a player can customize the appearance of their character. Omega … Read more

Crazy Dave Costume 3 (1)

Crazy Dave Costume

The Crazy Dave costume is taken from the video game series, Plants vs. Zombies. He is mostly the narrator of the game and does not have much of a backstory or a personality. Crazy Dave communicates in gibberish as he tells players how to navigate the new levels and weapons. He also explains the way … Read more