Squirrel Girl Cosplay 0 (0)

Squirrel Girl Cosplay

Fans of Marvel Comics will instantly be able to recognize the Squirrel Girl costume. She is a character in comic books whose real name is Doreen Green. Squirrel Girl makes her first appearance in the Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special. She instantly makes a name for herself with her unique ability to talk to squirrels specifically. … Read more

Lois Griffin (Family Guy) Cosplay 0 (0)

Lois Griffin Cosplay

Family Guy is a huge hit, and it simply wouldn’t be the same without Lois Patrice Griffin. She is the wife of Peter Griffin as well as the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie. All the way at 31 Spooner Street, she appears to be a completely normal housewife and mother. But is that all … Read more