Last-Minute Fischl Costume Idea

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  1. Fischl Full Costume
  2. Fischl Blonde Wig
  3. Brown Fischl Cosplay Boots

Easy DIY Fischl Costume Guide

Fischl is an electrifying hit among modern gamers playing Genshin Impact. Fischl is one of the memorable characters we met back in Mondstadt, all the way through version 1.0. She is a proficient archer, wielding an Electro Vision with much fluidity. She works as an investigator for Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild, making a name for herself as an adventurer. She is closely accompanied by the night raven Oz, an extension of her prowess. Many know her as a daring girl with seemingly outlandish theories akin to fairytales.

To dress like Fischl, wear a full Fischl costume and brown Fischl cosplay boots. And then Wear a Fischl cosplay wig.

About Fischl From Genshin Impact

Her childhood upbringing makes Fischl practically obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplaying as a benevolent princess. As such, she almost always speaks in a polite and formal manner. This eccentric speech etiquette confuses most people, but luckily, her companion Oz will translate for us. She is extremely passionate about this, but seeing her break character occasionally is nice.

Fischl is very good at investigating and possesses keen intuition and razor-sharp instincts. Underneath it all is a kind and well-behaved yet bashful girl with few friends thanks to her consistent antics.

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