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Marceline Cosplay

A Marceline costume is great for fans of the show, Adventure Time. Also known as Marceline the Vampire Queen, this character is a human and demon hybrid. Her dad is a demon named Hunson Abadeer. Her mom is the human. Though she looks and acts young, Marceline is actually more than 1,000 years of age. … Read more

Last-Minute Blade Costume Idea 0 (0)

blade costume

The vampire hunter Blade is one of the first superheroes effectively adapted by Marvel Studios for the big screen.

Many viewers enjoyed the Blade movie when it originally debuted, making it one of Marvel Studios’ first commercial hits.

Many praised the film for accurately portraying the character’s attitude and appearance, played by the actor Wesley Snipes.

Additionally, Blade’s action sequences make up for the movie’s uninteresting plot. Blade costume is still a popular choice for cosplay for this reason.

Selene Underworld Costume 0 (0)

selene underworld costume

For lovers of vampire lore and media, the Selene Underworld costume is a perfect choice.

The character of Selene from the Underworld franchise is an iconic one. She is one of the main characters and protagonists throughout.

Selene is a highly skilled assassin who was trained specifically to kill Lycans. She is thought to be one of the most powerful vampires because of her status as a hybrid.

Selene was once a Death Dealer and is known as the first strain hybrid of the Vampire-Corvinus. She is also a member of the Vampire Elders and has a family, including a daughter named Eve.