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Natasia Demetriou plays the lead role of Nadja inside the Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement TV series adaptation What We Do In The Shadows on FX.

She is the very first female vampire in the trilogy and is of Romani descent. The two wed after transforming Laszlo into a vampire, but they frequently quarrel.

Nadja is alert and amorous because she is looking for her true love and because she is the initial to report stranger things.

What you need:

  1. Victorian Rococo Dress
  2. Two ponytails Wig
  3. Victorian Lace Jabot
  4. Lace Cuff Black
  5. Dark Red Lipstick
  6. Red Nail Polish
  7. Gothic Ring
  8. Classic Fangs

DIY Nadja Costume Guide

In this blog, we’d give you a thorough guide as to how you can achieve the Nadja costume in the most accurate way.

Nadja is a vampire, so her costumes are all in dark colors.

To start with the costume, you’ll need to prepare a curly dark brown wig with two ponytails and a victorian costume.

Then, add some accessories like a Victorian lace jabot, a black lace cuff, and a gothic ring to you.

Don’t forget to wear fangs to reflect the identity of the vampire.

Nadja Cosplay Costume

Nadja costumes primarily in dark hues, with theatrical long sleeves, floral accents, and long dresses when she is a vampire.

She occasionally displays color, but she mostly wears hues that are macabre and vampire-like.

You can wear a black Victorian gown in a gothic way: the finer, the more frills and ruffles. The only colors you really need to use for Nadja’s cosmetics are red and black.

You might also want to retain a stern look and a serious face. Nadja looks naturally strict, and you can compare her with Professor Severus Snape of Harry Potter.

Nadja Costume feature

About Nadja

Many fans of the well-liked television show “What we do in the Shadows” appeared to be astounded by how much the vampires’ way of life resembles that of humans.

The vampires have coexisted on Staten Island for further than a century. We see their odd escapades and nighttime activities in each chapter. They also have problems when we cannot attend the “Superb Owl.”

Throughout her human existence, Nadja had a lot of bad luck. Her utopian hamlet on a “lovely” peninsula with a giant snake species was destroyed some 200 years prior to her being born by an unidentified army of soldiers.

The community never rebounded, leaving its population severely impacted by poverty and starvation. Just the “absolute dumbest” people are saved.

Nadja Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Nadja?

1. “We Were So Poor That We Used To Use Donkey Dung For Fuel, And When The Donkey Dung Ran Out, We Would Have To Burn The Donkey.”

2. “She Used To Be Such A Cute, Little Fresh-Faced Girl. But Now She Just Looks Like An Elephant’s Knee.”

3. “You’re A Lying Piece Of Old Cabbage.”

4. “Be Strong, Sweet Little One. Some Day They Will All Be Dead And You Will Do A S**t On All Of Their Graves.”

5. “Pablo Picasso? More Like Pablo Pic-a**hole.”

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