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For lovers of vampire lore and media, the Selene Underworld costume is a perfect choice. The character of Selene from the Underworld franchise is an iconic one. She is one of the main characters and protagonists throughout. Selene is a highly skilled assassin who was trained specifically to kill Lycans. She is thought to be…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Leather Coat
  2. Leather Bodysuit
  3. Combat Boots
  4. Leather Corset
  5. Short Wavy Wig
  6. Fake Dual Pistols

DIY Selene Underworld Costume Guide

Selene is a bold and brave character that many franchise lovers adore. If you want to dress like Selene, we have put together a Selene Underworld costume guide for you to follow. 

To dress like Selene, you will first need a long leather trench coat. Beneath that, you will need a black top to wear, a pair of black pants, and black combat boots. Wearing leggings for this costume is a good idea. 

Over the top, you can put on a black leather corset to match the one she wears. 

You can bring fake dual pistols for the full effect. Finally, you will need a black shoulder-length wig to finish it all off.

Selene Underworld Cosplay Costume

Because of her bold personality and fearlessness, Selene is perhaps the most beloved character in the franchise. 

Her popularity also makes the Selene Underworld cosplay one of the most popular ones. It is the one she wears in the very first Underworld movie. 

Selene wears several different outfits throughout the franchise, but the all-black is one she is known for.

Above, we have put together a costume guide for dressing in a Selene Underworld costume. Following the guide, you can have your own Selene Underworld costume to don at your next convention or Halloween party.

selene underworld costume

About Selene from Underworld

Selene is the Underworld franchise’s main character and perhaps the most famous protagonist. 

She is a member of the Vampire Elders and was once a Death Dealer. Now, she is a wife and mother. 

She was trained to be an assassin during her time as a Death Dealer. Those skills have carried over into other parts of her life, where she uses them unofficially. 

After discovering the truth about the Lycan-Vampire wars and the death of her family, Selene sets out to kill two of the vampire elders. 

With Marcus and Viktor gone, she remains one of the most powerful vampires due to her status as a Vampire-Corvinus hybrid.

Underworld Selene Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Selene?

1. “I have lived for a thousand years, and I may live a thousand more, or I may die tomorrow. But I no longer fear death, for I have known it once already.”

2. “There is no beginning, there is no end. There is only becoming.”

3. “It has come to this, the hunted, becoming the hunters to the hunted.”

4. “Your exile seems a bit more comfortable than I remember.”

5. “Tell your Marius: I’m not finished with this war.”

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