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Moana Costume

The Moana costume is a tribute to the main character, Moana, from the Disney movie of the same name. She was voiced by actress Auli’i Cravalho. Moana comes from a small island in Polynesia called Motonui. She is 16 years old and the daughter of the chief of a tribe on her island. Moana is … Read more

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Ewok Costume

The Ewok costume comes from the Star Wars franchise. The Star Wars universe has an exciting spectrum of unique-looking creatures, and Ewoks are among the cutest. The Ewok species comes from the moon called Endor. They have an old-fashioned way of life wherein they are hunter-gatherers living in a pre-civilization society. Even though they are … Read more

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The Autumn Fairy Costume

About Autumn Fairy The Autumn Fairy is often characterized as a delicate and ethereal creature, a guardian of the natural world during the autumn season. Her existence is primarily rooted in stories and artistic imagination. Her portrayal and characteristics depend on cultural interpretations and individual creative expressions. She has a deep connection with the changing … Read more

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Sulley Costume

About Sulley From Monsters, Inc. Sulley shows to be a natural at Scaring thanks to his enormous size, fierce roar, and family legacy of high-achieving Scarers. Even so, he learns to put his pride aside, team up with others, and work hard to yield results. He is a friendly, outgoing, brave, intelligent, selfless, humble, even-tempered, … Read more

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Maverick Costume

About Mitchell From Maverick Mitchell is well known for his exceptional flying skills and is considered one of the best pilots in the Navy. He possesses the natural talent, instinct, and daring approach to aerial combat that shines through the grimmest scenarios. Even so, he is famous for being reckless and staying true to his … Read more

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Ladybug Costume

About Ladybug From Miraculous Ladybug is portrayed as a confident, resourceful, compassionate young woman with a strong sense of justice. She is pretty brave and determined, jumping into action to protect Paris from supervillains at any time. Despite her age, she is also quick-witted and intelligent. She creates creative solutions to overcome obstacles and outsmarts … Read more

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Mike Wazowski Costume

About Mike Wazowski From Monsters, Inc. Mike is a character who often argues or fights with Sulley, thanks to Sulley annoying him first. He is funny, intelligent, and brave but occasionally fails to see the obvious. He has a strategic mind and is a natural thinker, arriving at conclusions quickly. He is very kind and … Read more