Last-Minute Sulley Costume Idea

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  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Paw Claw Gloves
  3. Paw Claw Shoes

Easy DIY Sulley Costume Guide

James P. “Sulley” Sullivan is one of the memorable protagonists of the Monsters, Inc. franchise. He was initially the Top Scarer at Monsters, Inc. But after it changed to collecting laughs instead, he replaced Henry J. Waternoose III as the company’s CEO.

To dress like Sulley started with the most significant piece of the puzzle: a full Sulley jumpsuit. This Hooded Onesie gets its iconic color and spotted pattern from head to ankle. Next, get a pair of Sulley Paw Gloves and a couple of Sulley Paw Claw Shoes.

About Sulley From Monsters, Inc.

Sulley shows to be a natural at Scaring thanks to his enormous size, fierce roar, and family legacy of high-achieving Scarers. Even so, he learns to put his pride aside, team up with others, and work hard to yield results. He is a friendly, outgoing, brave, intelligent, selfless, humble, even-tempered, confident, and caring monster; he retains his popularity among his peers.

Despite his job demanding otherwise, Sulley tries to befriend the child Boo and goes to extremes to protect her from Randall and Waternoose. By realizing the power of children’s laughter, he even solves Monstropolis’ energy crisis.

Another key trait is his loyalty to his best friend, Mike Wazowski, giving his all to support him in multiple endeavors. The two work well together to accomplish what might’ve been impossible and bring positive change to their world.

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