Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume

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The Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume is a cute choice for lovers of the Disney Pixar Movie, Monsters, Inc.

Boo is a little girl in the movie. Her character sees the monsters that come into her closet to scare kids at night.

It turns out that the monsters are afraid of the little girl and all humans. When she ends up in their world, the Monsters have to try and hide her from others so they don’t learn of her presence.

Boo is an adorable little girl who is hard not to love. Though not much is known of her backstory, she is an adventurous and curious girl that viewers love.

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Shirt
  2. Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume
  3. Light Purple Leggings
  4. Hair Circle Bands
  5. White Socks

DIY Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume Guide

Boo from Monsters, Inc. wears comfortable clothing that is very simple. To pull off her look, you will need a pair of light purple leggings.

Over the leggings, you can wear a loose-fitting pink t-shirt with short sleeves. Put your hair into pigtails with hair ties with balls at the ends.

She runs around in her socks, so gets a pair of white ankle socks. If you plan to go in public, you can wear a pair of all-white sneakers over the socks.

Finally, get the fake monster costume that Boo wears to try and blend in.

Boo Monsters, Inc. Cosplay Costume

The Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume is a great starter costume for those who want to get into cosplay. It is a very comfortable and easy costume that makes it great for beginners.

The pieces are quite simple and casual, so you may already have them in your closet. This is especially true of the pink t-shirt and the white socks.

If you want to make the costume even more memorable, you can have your friends dress up with you. Get some others to wear various costumes of the Monsters from Monsters, Inc.

The most popular of these would be the Mike and Sully costumes; these two monsters are always with the little girl, so they would make the most sense.

Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume

About Boo From Monsters, Inc.

Boo from Monsters, Inc. is a little girl that ends up giving the monsters meant to scare her a fright. Boo ends up back in the world of Monsters who are afraid of humans, though they go out each night and try to scare them.

She ends up in the hands of the main characters, Sully and Mike. The pair tries to keep her home under wraps so that the other Monsters do not find her.

There is not much information on the girl’s life before she meets the monsters. Still, it is obvious that she is a curious and adventurous little girl that many viewers love.

Boo Monsters, Inc. Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Boo Monsters, Inc?

1. “Raaawr!”

2. “Mike Wazowski!”

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