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A Lydia Deetz costume is sure to mesmerize any and all millennial cosplayers who enjoyed watching Beetlejuice.

Lydia Deetz is introduced to us as the daughter of Charles Deetz and the stepdaughter of Delia Deetz. She is the movie’s resident goth girl, whom Beetlejuice plans to marry so that he can return to the living world.

She hailed from New York City but moved in with her father and stepmother. Her mother, Evelyn, and father are divorced in the original script.

In the musical, her mother was named Emily Deetz and said to be dead. Sadly, her current parents do not take anything she says seriously enough and often ignore her.

Lydia is a very serious but kind girl whose sensitivity goes far beyond what her Gothic style implies. She is also plagued by feelings of isolation from the world.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Shirt Dress
  2. Black Tights
  3. Lydia Deetz Wig
  4. Large Brim Hat
  5. Digital Camera
  6. Black Ankle Bootie

DIY Lydia Costume Guide

Lydia instantly became a popular and iconic character from Beetlejuice thanks to her memorable outfits.

These monochrome and stylish ensembles make her stand out amidst other characters and have become a style that goth lovers look up to when dressing up.

Her popularity and dark appearance make the Lydia cosplay a fun one. Follow our Lydia Deetz costume guide below to easily dress like her.

For her everyday-clothes costume, you need to purchase a casual black shirt dress. Follow up with a black ultrabraid X-large brim hat and a pair of black ankle-high lace-up combat boots.

Finish the look with a Fujifilm FinePix S4200 digital camera and some Tea-Tree Firm Hold Gel to mimic her hair.

For her musical getup, you first need to procure a black goth vintage dress. Follow up with a pair of black ankle boots and a black choker necklace.

Finally, obtain a pair of black long-lace fingerless gloves and black floral pantyhose stockings. Top it all off with a short black wavy wig, if necessary.

Lydia Deetz Makeup And Hair Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Lydia Cosplay Costume

Over time, Lydia has become something of a Gothic icon. Her monochrome manner of dress and gelled hairstyles are easily recognizable, even by people who have never watched Beetlejuice.

This is especially true among people who enjoy vintage styles and clothing, as she follows a black-centered aesthetic.

Embrace the goth nature within you and nail this Lydia costume. Fortunately, it is a fairly straightforward ensemble made from simple pieces that can be pieced together in no time.

Why not try your hand at a Beetlejuice group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Grab your friends and get them to dress up as Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, and Beetlejuice to go to any party with you!

Lydia Deetz Costume

About Lydia from Beetlejuice

Despite being ignored by her parents for their own selfish pursuits, Lydia grows to love writing poetry, taking photos, and anything supernatural and/or paranormal.

Don’t let her young age fool you, because she is the most sensible member of the Deetz household. Even so, her dark personality is accompanied by a dark sense of humor.

Lydia possesses a flair for the dramatic, especially when talking about herself. By the end, she develops into a happy and well-adjusted person thanks to Adam and Barbara, who strongly influence her upbringing.

What is the most famous quote from Lydia Deetz?

1. “Delia hates it.”

2. “I could live here.”

3. “Maybe you can relax in a haunted house, but I can’t.”

4. “Shh! They didn’t commit suicide.”

5. “I am alone.”

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