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Miss Argentina Costume

The Miss Argentina costume is a bold choice for anyone who likes the comedy horror, Beetlejuice. Miss Argentina, also known as The Receptionist, is one of the characters in the film.  She sits behind the front desk of the waiting area found in the afterlife known as the Netherworld. The characters Barbara and Adam are … Read more

Barbara and Adam Beetlejuice Costume 0 (0)

barbara and adam beetlejuice costume

This Barbara and Adam Beetlejuice costume is one of Tim Burton’s most significant works. It is flamboyantly colorful to the point of being clownish.

Adam and Barbara are the main characters in Beetlejuice and are shown as being uncomplicated people.

They would much rather not go on vacation and instead spend their time at home beautifying their exquisite Victorian house.

They were killed in a vehicle accident and converted into ghosts after their deaths.

The recently departed couple is concentrating all of their efforts on driving the Deetz away from their house so that they may maintain its authentic Victorian appearance.

Beetlejuice: An Obnoxious and Devious Ghost 0 (0)

Beetlejuice costume

At some point or another, every cosplayer wants to try their hand at a Beetlejuice costume. Beetlejuice is an iconic character from the movie of the same name. This character, played by Michael Keaton, is known for his loud, obnoxious personality. Beetlejuice also has a devious streak that leads him to cause mischief throughout the entire film. Many of the other ghosts in the spirit world don’t seem to like him at all, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

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lydia deetz costume

A Lydia Deetz costume has always been a go-to choice for those who love to cosplay, especially her red wedding dress. A goth icon, Lydia Deetz is a character from the movie Beetlejuice. She is quiet and reserved, and her nature makes her sorely misunderstood by the family around her. Lydia was made to leave behind her life in New York City to move out to a strange home in Connecticut, leaving her to try and get used to the new place alone.