Philip Graves Costume 0 (0)

Philip Graves Costume

The Philip Graves costume is very popular among lovers of Call of Duty. Thanks to Philip Graves’ cool and classy character, everyone wishes to cosplay him. He was introduced as a supporting character. Over time, he showed his true colors as an antagonist. Graves is the CEO of the Shadow Company, which is a military … Read more

Captain Price Costume 0 (0)

Captain Price Costume

Captain Price is one of the main characters in the Call Of Duty Video game Series. Therefore, he is very popular among Call of Duty Fans. He’s a middle-aged man who is exceptionally talented and skilled as a soldier. He is definitely not a cliche protagonist; thus, you can’t expect him to be kind. Price … Read more

Call Of Duty Jacob Cosplay 0 (0)

Call Of Duty Jacob Cosplay

Like many other characters, Call of Duty’s Jacob cosplays enjoy the same love from people. He was introduced as a deuteragonist and later turned into an antagonist. Jacob remained intriguing throughout the series, which is why he is popular. He is an experienced and mature person who served as the leader of Team Phi. Jacob … Read more

Soap Call Of Duty Costume 0 (0)

Get a Soap Call of Duty Costume and steal the spotlight. It's the best choice for all the lovers of military and COD.

Johny Soap is one of the most popular and playable protagonists, and this is why he is a favorite of many. Johnny is not only handsome but also a dedicated, strong, and smart individual. Joining the army wasn’t his first dream, as his first love was football. Thanks to his cousin in the British Army, … Read more