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Captain Price is one of the main characters in the Call Of Duty Video game Series. Therefore, he is very popular among Call of Duty Fans.

He’s a middle-aged man who is exceptionally talented and skilled as a soldier. He is definitely not a cliche protagonist; thus, you can’t expect him to be kind.

Price is cold and ruthless towards his foes and opponents. He is never hesitant to give a painful time to his enemies, and that makes him a tough guy.

You’ll Need:

  1. Army Green Shirt
  2. White T-Shirt
  3. Military Boonie Hat
  4. Khaki Military Cargo Pants
  5. Fake Beard
  6. Green Chest Rig
  7. Green Thigh Holster
  8. Knee Protection Gear
  9. Black Duty Work Shoes
  10. Toy Rifle

Captain Price Costume DIY Guide

The Captain Price costume is a fan’s favorite costume because it makes one look cool. This costume is very decent and fine, so those of you who love cosplaying soldiers should try it.

Follow our Captain Price costume DIY guide for a better understanding. Start with arranging a green army shirt, khaki military cargo pants, and a white T-shirt.

After arranging them, get yourself a green chest rig and black-duty work shoes. Then, you will be left to get green knee protection gear, a green thigh holster, and a toy rifle.

Last but not least, grab a military Boonie hat. As you all know, Captain Price has a beard and a mustache. So, if you can’t grow your own, then get yourself a fake beard and mustache.

Though you need to make a little effort to gather the pieces, I am sure you’ll easily find them. Some of them will be in your closet, while the others are easily available in clothing stores.

Captain Price Cosplay Guide Call of Duty Modern Warfare | Halloween Costume Ideas

Captain Price Cosplay Costume

The Captain Price costume gives a decent look, and every military lover should try it. Captain Price’s costume is very popular thanks to the fame of the Call of Duty series. So don’t worry, it will always be in style.

If you are a bold and confident person who loves action, and if you are a gamer, then you should opt for this!

If you are invited to join a game-themed party, then you can choose the Captain Price costume without a second thought.

Captain Price Costume

About Captain Price From Captain Price

Though he is cold and merciless toward his enemies, he is the opposite of his peers. Captain Price, deep down, is very kind and caring to his friends. He appears to be a tough guy, but once you become friends with him, he will be forever your friend.

It doesn’t look like it, but he can be funny at times, which implies that he is a sweet man. He knows when to be serious and when to be funny. Captain Price is thoughtful and mature. He can easily grasp the sensitivity of situations.

His friendship with soap was very good. They took their time to get along, but once they did, it was amazing. Price has a special place for all his friends in his heart.

What is the most famous quote from Captain Price?

1. “My war ends with you.” 

2.“Just another day at the office.”

3.“This is a one-way flight, mate.” 

4.“History is written by the victor.”

 5.“Your world as you knew it is gone.”

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