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The Philip Graves costume is very popular among lovers of Call of Duty. Thanks to Philip Graves’ cool and classy character, everyone wishes to cosplay him.

He was introduced as a supporting character. Over time, he showed his true colors as an antagonist. Graves is the CEO of the Shadow Company, which is a military company.

He served in the military but eventually lost interest in it for certain reasons. This, in turn, forced him to open his own company.

Phillip Graves is cool, smart, and handsome. So, there are a number of reasons to love him and hate him at the same time.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Tactical Vest
  2. Military Cargo T-Shirt
  3. Black Headset
  4. Military Cargo Pants
  5. Tactical Toy Grenades
  6. American Flags Patches
  7. Call Duty Spade Shadow Patch
  8. Silver Watch
  9. Black Military Pistol Holster
  10. Brown Military boots
  11. Fake Bullets

Phillip Graves Costume DIY Guide

Getting a Philip Graves costume seems like a challenge, but it’s not difficult. Even the pieces aren’t hard to find, and one can avail of them easily. You just need to follow our Phillip Grave Costume DIY Guide, and you’ll be able to do it.

Begin with arranging a green tactical vest, a green military jacket, and brown military boots. There you go; half of your Phillip Graves look is done.

It’s time for some accessories and additional styling. So get ready!

It’s impossible for a military person to not have any weapons, right? You need them too. First of all, get yourself a green military pistol holder and then some fake bullets. Next, go for a black neckband headset and a silver watch.

Last but not least, color your hair brown with a brown hair spray. Now look into the mirror and introduce yourself to Mr. Phillip Graves!

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Phillip Graves Cosplay Costume

Cool, classy, savage, and dope are the few words that come to mind when seeing the costume. It’s stylish in its own unique way. It’s especially best for those who love the military and action video games. If you are a Call of Duty lover and like Phillip’s character, then you must try it.

All the characters in Call of Duty enjoy a separate fandom. Therefore, trying Phillip Graves’s cosplay won’t be out of the question.Above all, even if you are a shy type who doesn’t like to wear revealing clothes, then again, this costume is the best.

If you have friends who are fans of Call of Duty, then ask them to accompany you to the party. Trust me or not, you guys will rock!

Philip Graves Costume

About Phillip Graves From Call Of Duty

Phillip’s character was good in the beginning when he used to help Task Force 141. However, he betrayed the team out of the blue and thus showed his true colors as a villain.

Phillip was a strong man and cunning as well. He knew how to take on challenges and deal with people. He was selfish and used to only think about himself. Phillip was loyal to General Shepherd, one of the main villains in Call of Duty.

Phillips followed his orders without a second thought. He also betrayed the team because Shepherd wanted him to.

What is the most famous quote from Philip Graves?

1. “General Shepherd sends his regards. He told me y’all wouldn’t take this well.”

2.“I wasn’t in that tank. What else you heard?”

3.“Knock that honor shit off, Johnny! I’ll be sipping tequila, forgetting where I buried your ass in a week! That goes for both of you… can you say the same?”

4.“Gold Eagle Actual, Shadow-1 is weapons hot. We’re burning daylight here…”

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