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Like many other characters, Call of Duty’s Jacob cosplays enjoy the same love from people. He was introduced as a deuteragonist and later turned into an antagonist.

Jacob remained intriguing throughout the series, which is why he is popular. He is an experienced and mature person who served as the leader of Team Phi.

Jacob was assigned multiple missions, and he completed them successfully. Challenges were in his way, but he handled them all well.

His leadership skills are impressive, which is what makes him an inspiring character. Though he was strict with the team, he managed them well.

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Military Button Down Shirt
  2. Protective Jacket
  3. Green Military Cargo Pants
  4. Black Shooting Gloves
  5. Black Knee and Elbow Safety Gear
  6. Toy Grenades
  7. Black Waist Holster
  8. Black Military Boots
  9. Black Gun Holster
  10. Toy Gun

Call Of Duty Jacob Cosplay DIY Guide

If you liked the military outfit of Jacob Hendricks, then the good news is you can create it yourself. Follow our Call of Duty Jacob Cosplay DIY Guide for more details.

To begin with, wear a green military button-down shirt. Pair it with military cargo pants of the same color.

Next, you need a protective vest and military boots. Now, let’s work to find some safety gear that includes knee and elbow safety gear. Cover your hands with black shooting gloves.

Since you are a soldier, you must have weapons, so get your own guns. To hold these guns, you need a gun holster and a black waist holster.

There you go! You transformed successfully into Jacob Hendricks from Call of Duty.

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Call Of Duty Jacob Cosplay Costume

All military costumes have a separate charm, and it’s impossible not to like any of them. The same goes for the Call of Duty Jacob Hendricks cosplay costume. People love to cosplay him because he looks fit, decent, and cool.

If you were thinking of giving a banger entry at the costume party, then give this one a try. This military costume suits almost everyone, regardless of age. In short, everyone looks good in a military uniform. That’s the grace it offers by default.

Call Of Duty Jacob Cosplay

About Jacob From Call Of Duty

Jacob is a hot-tempered guy, and the tiniest things could make him angry. He is popular for his temper, and everyone is aware of it.

Jacob, no doubt, is a strong guy and a capable person. However, he is very emotional when it comes to his friends, as they are important to him.

His character thoroughly changed after he was infected with the Corvus virus. This virus caused his destruction. Overall, Jacob is a handsome and smart man.

This virus was also one of the reasons for his death. Jacob’s character development throughout the story is impressive. His character development is a great reason why people love him.

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