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static shock costume

Static Shock is a show that debuted in the year 2000. Static is a character in the DC Comics Universe who has electromagnetic powers.

These powers were obtained after exposure to mutagen gas one day. Once he got the power and learned how to keep it under control, he began to use it for good.

He works as a superhero under the name Static and does his best to keep the city free from danger and crime.

Shego: An Attractive Villainess 5 (1)

diy shego costume

If you love iconic villains, you have to give the Diy Shego costume a try. Kim Possible is an awe-inspiring and fun TV show with many interesting characters. Shego stands out among these characters. She is a sidekick of the villain Dr. Drakken. However, she does not follow orders like the other henchmen, and she always dares to be sarcastic to Dr. Draken. Although she appears as a villain in the show, the audience appreciates her unique style and personality.