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Static Shock is a show that debuted in the year 2000. Static is a character in the DC Comics Universe who has electromagnetic powers. These powers were obtained after exposure to mutagen gas one day. Once he got the power and learned how to keep it under control, he began to use it for good.…

You’ll Need:

  1. Static Shock Costume
  2. Blue Sports Sunglasses
  3. White Cosplay Mask
  4. Blue High-top Sneakers

DIY Static Shock Costume Guide

Static Shock was one of the first Black superheroes to take the spotlight during the time of his debut, which got a lot of people’s attention. 

It was well received by critics and fans alike. For young DC Comics lovers, the Static Shock costume is an iconic choice. 

To dress like Static Shock, you first need the Static Shock Costume, and then you will need Blue Sports Sunglasses, White Cosplay Mask, and Blue High-top Sneakers to go with it.

Static Shock Cosplay Costume

The show was canceled abruptly since the merchandise was not selling well. Even those he still remained a popular character

The attire that Static Shock wears is very bold and eye-catching. To get the look, you will first need to get a Static Shock t-shirt that has a lightning pattern logo on it.

Pair this tee with a black pair of sweatpants that have a yellow stripe running down the legs. 

Over the shirt, you can wear yellow and blue robes or a trench coat. He wears a pair of blue gloves on his hands and blue boots to match. Get the full effect with a white eye mask. 

And now, get yourself ready to attend your next comic book convention in Static Shock costume.

static shock costume

About Static Shock

Static Shock is a famous character from the DC Comics universe. Static is one of the first Black teenager Superheroes leads at the time, making him stand out among all the other costumed crusaders of the age. 

He first got his electromagnetic powers when he was exposed to a toxic gas. Since he got the powers, he has worked hard to get them under control. Upon taking total command of them, he went on to use his powers to help out his city. 

Unfortunately, due to poor merchandise sales, the Static Shock TV series only ran for four years between 2000 and 2004. Even so, many decades later, Static Shock is still a very popular character.

Static Shock Best Action Scenes | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Static Shock?

1. “The Name’s Static. I Put A Shock To Your System.”

2. “Either Use Slang Properly Or Don’t Use It At All.”

3. “Bullets Don’t Discriminate Between Friends And Enemies, Virgil. They Hurt Everyone.”

4. “The Nice Gangbangers Invited Me For Tea And Cookies.”

5. “Note To Self: Avoid Playing Catch With Flying Automobiles.”

6. “It’s Okay To Feel Angry, Virgil. It’s What We Do With That Anger That’s Important.”

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