Quailman: The Brave and Heroic Alter-Ego

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Want to dress up in a Quailman costume from Doug? Now’s your chance! Quailman is Doug’s imaginary alter-ego in the television series Doug. He is one of Doug’s most recurring alter-egos. With his dog, Quail Dog, they rescue those who need their help. All they have to do is to sound the quail call.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Cotton Tee
  2. Green Knitted Vest
  3. Red Superhero Cape
  4. Brown Shorts
  5. White Brief
  6. Red Sneakers
  7. Brown Leather Belt
  8. White Socks
  9. Red Felt Fabric

DIY Quailman Costume Guide

Fans of the show may remember Quailman for the belt on his head and underwear outside his shorts. While it isn’t quite the most intimidating of superhero outfits, it is definitely interesting. It is sure to impress both fans of Doug and non-fans alike! 

To dress up as Quailman, you will need a White Cotton Tee underneath the Green Knitted Vest. Put on Brown Shorts, White Brief, and Red Sneakers for the bottom. Then, add Red Superhero Cape, Brown Leather Belt, White Socks, and Red Felt Fabric with you. Put all these items together, and you can nail the iconic look of Quailman.

Quailman Cosplay Costume

Although this hero costume is not as cool as other traditional hero costumes, it is very interesting. You’ll need to put on a plain white T-shirt. Layer the olive green vest on top of the T-shirt. Quailman has a very distinctive “Q” mark in the middle of his chest. You can put this on your vest by cutting out a “Q” shape in some red felt paper and stitching or gluing it onto the vest. Next, you’ll need to put on your brown shorts. Finally, you’ll need some white socks and red and white sneakers for your feet.

The Quailman costume isn’t complete without the iconic belt on the head. Belt it around your forehead area, with the extra part sticking up. Another thing this costume is remembered for is the underwear outside the shorts looks. You’ll need to put on some white briefs on top of your brown shorts, so make sure they’re big enough to go over your shorts. Finally, you’ll need a red cape to tie around your neck. Quailman’s cape has some white details on the hem. You can add these using some white paint or some white felt paper.

Quailman Costume

About Quailman from Doug

Quailman is the imaginary alter-ego of the main character of the television show Doug, also named Doug. Quailman is a superhero with powers like super speed and the ability to fly. He also has the Quail Eye, which means he can shoot beams from his eyes to fight against his enemies. He even has a trusty sidekick, Quail Dog, who also has a red cape and the “Q” insignia. He comes from the planet Bob and lives in the Thicket of Solitude. All you have to do is sound the quail call whenever you need him, and Quailman will come to your rescue!

Quailman Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Quailman?

1. “When a fantasy turns you on, you’re obligated to God and nature to start doing it – right away.”

2. “I, Lesley, I like looking nice. I like doing my hair and wearing makeup and wearing nice clothes. But I don’t care what my characters look like.“

3. ”The watering of a garden requires as much judgement as the seasoning of a soup.“

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