Polka-Dot Man: A Crazy Colorful Redeemed Hero

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Want to dress up in a Polka Dot Man costume from Suicide Squad? Now’s your chance! Polka Dot Man is the alter-ego of Abner Krill in the movie Suicide Squad and the DC universe. He is a metahuman that has the power to grow multicolored polka dots from his body and use these as weapons.

You’ll Need:

  1. Spaceman Jumpsuit
  2. Vintage Goggles
  3. White Swim Cap
  4. Polka Dot Decals
  5. Leather Armband
  6. Tactical Boots
  7. Leather Belt

DIY Polka-Dot Man Costume Guide

Fans of the movie and DC comics probably remember Polka Dot Man for his, you guessed it, polka dot covered outfit. 

Dressing up as Polka Dot Man is a memorable and quirky choice for a superhero costume. It will impress fans and non-fans alike. To dress up as Polka Dot Man, you will need a Spaceman Jumpsuit, Vintage Goggles, White Swim Cap, Polka Dot Decals, Leather Armband, Tactical Boots, and Leather Belt.

Polka-Dot Man Cosplay Costume

The Polka Dot Man costume is very interesting. On your head, you’ll need a white swim cap. The swim cap should cover both your hair and your ears. Layer the vintage aviator goggles over the swim cap and position them on your forehead when you aren’t wearing them over your eyes.

Then, you’ll need the white coveralls. It would be best if this were the same color as your swim cap. Make sure the coveralls cover your entire body. Next, you’ll need the blue, yellow, red, and green circle stickers of different sizes. You’ll need to stick these stickers all over the coveralls, both the front and the backside. You’ll need to put on a pair of army-style boots on your feet. Tuck in your coveralls inside the boots.

To match Polka Dot Man’s character design, you can look for a belt with a circular silver buckle. On your wrists, you’ll need some armbands or forearm guards. It would be best if this matched your belt. You can also add designs using some cardboard and silver paint.

To enhance the fun of cosplay, invite your friend to dress like Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, or other Suicide Squad members. In this way, you can surely stand out as this iconic group at Halloween or any cosplay event.

polka-dot man costume

About Polka-Dot Man from Suicide Squad

Polka-Dot Man is the alter-ego of Abner Krill. He is a character in the movie Suicide Squad and in the DC comics. Because of an interdimensional virus, Polka Dot Man has the ability to make weapons from growing multicolored polka dots on his body. He has to expel the polka dots from his body twice a day for the rest of his life. Polka Dot Man is a shy, soft-spoken man and was often mocked because of his powers. He was recruited as a member of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller and was later able to save his teammates using his powers. However, this ended up in his death, as Starro killed him.

Polka-Dot Man’s Best Moments | The Suicide Squad

What is the most famous quote from Polka-Dot Man?

1. “I don’t like killing people, but if I pretend they’re my mom, it’s easy.”

2. “I hope so.”

3. “I turned them into my mother in my head and killed them”

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