Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

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Anime Traps Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Welcome to our listicle of some of the Anime World’s most notable Traps! For those not in the know, Anime Traps are biologically male characters with an attractive androgynous or feminine appearance.

What makes these characters interesting is their inherent shock/surprise value, sending their viewer into a loop upon the revelation of their true gender. 

What Are Anime Traps?

What Are Anime Traps Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Make no mistake, “Anime Traps” is a slang term commonly used in English-language-based online Anime communities to describe biologically male characters with an attractive androgynous or feminine outward appearance, and is more often than not portrayed by female voice actors.

Their female counterparts, called “Reverse Traps,” look like men. For a character to be called a “Trap,” this person must explicitly be described as biologically male; characters whose gender is officially unconfirmed or have no biological sex do not count.

History and Origins of Anime Traps

The history of Traps officially began with Osamu Tezuka-sensei’s 1949 manga called Metropolis. It portrayed a Trap character by definition, but the slang term wasn’t catching on back then.

Fast forward to 1989, when the anime Ranma ½ made splashes in more ways than one. The character Ranma Saotome is a biological male and a martial artist from China who ends up falling in a hot spring that curses whoever loses. He is condemned to change his gender whenever he falls into water or is splashed with it, becoming a woman with red hair.

As such, this anime laid the foundation for the eventual future of anime traps, bringing the trope to a more “mainstream” level. Next came the more common feature of crossdressing men, showcased in anime like “You’re Under Arrest.” This police series from the 1990s features characters Miyuki Kobayakawa, Natsumi Tsujimoto, and Aoi, who work for the Tokyo police force. Aoi is the very definition of a Trap; cross-dressing as a female police officer and is even referred to as a “she.”

Some other Anime that feature beloved traps include Rurouni Kenshin and Sailor Moon, which push the trope further. 

What Do They Have In Common Anime Traps?

Common characteristics of Traps Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Common characteristics and traits of Traps include being a biological male, crossdressing, attractiveness, femininity, commonly being mistaken as girls/women, androgynous nature, referring to oneself or being referred to as female, long hair, makeup, colorful/frilly clothing and are usually portrayed by voice actresses.

While only some of these conditions must be met for a character to be considered a Trap, at least some must be present. Also, there are many more features that we might have missed! 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our list of anime’s most beloved Traps! These characters are in no particular order, and I will also include my opinions. 

24. Coco (Boku No Pico)

Coco trap Boku No Pico Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Coco is a biologically male character with long black hair who develops relationships with numerous other boys. He is always cross-dressing in frilly dresses, is openly lewd, does extremely questionable acts in public, and is stereotypically feminine. His design is far too similar to Rika Furude from Higurashi due to his rectangular-banged hairstyle and youthful appearance. 

My opinion on this one? Abysmal! The Anime world would’ve been a better place without him.

23. Akira (Kemono Jihen)

Akira trap Kemono Jihen Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Akira is the fifty-sixth child of the snow village in Mount Iwanki, a Snow Kemono. While he looks like a young and perky girl, his clothes look more gender-neutral. He seems to enjoy feminine activities but is less overbearing than in the previous entry.

My view on Akira is primarily neutral. He is just a guy who isn’t ashamed of his interests, even if those aren’t what is expected of his gender by societal norms. And can you tell someone to cut off hair as beautiful as this?

22. Ritsu Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Ritsu Sohma Trap Fruits Basket Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Ri-chan is the “hostess” of the Sohma Family’s onsen and the Monkey of the Chinese Zodiac. Crossdressing in colorful, traditional long-sleeved kimonos is his forte, as he feels less pressure from society this way and is often mistaken for a woman thanks to his long hair and beauty. His character development showcases how he gains self-confidence, finds the courage to dress as a man, cuts his hair, and even begins dating a woman.

I like this character mainly due to his character development. We see how he used cross-dressing as a coping mechanism but eventually grew into a very desirable man.

21. Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha) 

Astolfo Trap Fate Apocrypha Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Astolfo is the Rider-class Servant of Celenike in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. He is an androgynous boy who prefers to be fancily dressed. He is simply beautiful and wears hair ornaments akin to a princess. He purposefully dresses as a girl due to his love of cute things. Moreover, his gender is sometimes written as “le Secret.”

Honestly, this guy is just plain pretty. From his quirky clothing to his long braided pink hair, he deserves respect for being this badass and technically becoming THE symbol for Anime Traps everywhere. 

20. Venti (Genshin Impact) 

Venti Trap Genshin Impact Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Venti is a free-spirited, wine-loving bard in Mondstadt and the current mortal vessel of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. This vessel has fair skin, short black hair with twin braids up front, and dresses like a young German boy, albeit more colorful and decorated, giving him the Trap vibe.

Venti isn’t a Trap. While his vessel is a young boy, Venti is a God whose base form is a Wind Wisp, a being genderless by nature. He isn’t precisely a biological male either, but he refers to himself as male and doesn’t show any feminine behavioral patterns. 

19. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Envy Trap Fullmetal Alchemist Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Envy embodies some of Father’s envy and possesses the ability to shape-shift. He is a homunculus. His long spiky hair, skirt pants, and midriff-visible clothing have landed him a spot on this list, though!

Whether he is, a trap is questionable from my POV because he isn’t a biological male either and seemingly lacks the organs. He seems to have no issues shape-shifting into either gender and behaves overall violently. 

18. Felix Argyle (Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World)

Felix Trap Re Zero − Starting Life in Another World Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Felix Argyle, or “Ferris,” is Crusch Karsten’s knight and supports Subaru against the Hakugei and Sin Archbishop of Sloth. He wears his hair in a bob-cut and has big yellow eyes, choosing to wear a colorful and frilly blue dress adorned with many Bows and Ribbons. He also has cat-like appendages due to having Demi-Human blood.

Felix is another symbol of Anime Traps and truly fits the bill. He even seems to enjoy teasing those who mistake him for a girl with cutesy language and gestures. 

17. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter) 

Kurapika TrapHunter x Hunter Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Kurapika is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan, a Blacklist Hunter and current leader of the organization founded by Light Nostrade. His medium blond hair, beautiful brown/blue eyes, and blue tabard gender-neutral clothing make people mistake him for a tomboy. His single Ruby-drop earring doesn’t help him showcase his true gender either.

While his appearance raises the question of his gender, I feel he doesn’t necessarily behave like a girl. 

16. Pico (Boku no Pico)

Pico TrapBoku no Pico Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Pico is the titular protagonist of the abysmal adult Shotacon anime itself. This blonde pre-adolescent boy is often seen swimming naked or in a blue Speedo. He even wears female clothes. He is shown to be the bottom/uke in these relationships.

This minor wants to do the deed with everyone he meets. He is openly lewd and even seen in pedophilic scenarios. He is one of the most disturbing and obscene traps out there.

15. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

Frieza TrapDragon Ball Z Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Frieza may not be the typical Trap, but the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball series is in a league of his own. His body looks entirely male; only it’s lacking in the private parts. But something about his pale eyes, thick eyeliner, purple nail polish, and purple lips imply otherwise. 

Despite being a mutant, he is a biological male, so yes, the civilized, refined, regal, and eloquent being is an odd variation of a Trap in my eyes. 

14. Haku (Naruto) 

Haku TrapNaruto Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

The male Mercenary Ninja Haku is undoubtedly beautiful by female standards. Thanks to his gorgeous feminine eyes, petite body, and long black hair with bangs, most would easily mistake him for the girl of their dreams. 

Haku is the perfect Trap because he has even been portrayed with pink lipstick in Official Media on occasion. It’s like even the writers sometimes forget that he’s a guy! 

13. Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan) 

Armin Arlert TrapAttack on Titan Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

There’s no argument that Armin is a handsome young man. But back when he had a petite body, blonde Bob cut, and big Blue eyes, many would easily mistake him for a cute girl. Even personality-wise, he was timid and lacking in self-esteem. 

Towards the finale, Armin finally starts to look more like a man, a handsome one at that. While he may have started as a trap, he developed over the series, and I respect that.

12. King Canute (Vinland Saga)

King Canute Trap Vinland Saga Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

As the king of Denmark and England, Canute is gorgeous. While biologically male, he looks like a beautiful woman from the outside. Be it his long blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, thick eyelashes, and fragile composure; he is undoubtedly attractive.

He, too, grows more manly in appearance as the story progresses, growing a beard and cutting his hair short, so much so that few would believe it’s the same person. Ex-trap is more like it!

11. Kirito (Sword Art Online) 

Kirito TrapSword Art Online Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Before you bring out the pitchforks, there was one instance where Kirito’s Avatar in-game was a Trap. Yes, his Avatar from GGO is that of a cute young girl. Maybe it was the big eyes, long flowing hair, or petite body; take your pick. 

The fact that his outfit consisted of Skirt-pants didn’t help, but this needs to be more solid to peg Kirito as a Trap. It was a one-time thing he had no control over.

10. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

Juuzou Suzuya TrapTokyo Ghoul Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

A fascinating character. This Special Class Ghoul Investigator has a mostly androgynous appearance with his pale skin and shoulder-length white hair. His big red eyes, multiple hairpins, and red stitches pull him toward the Trap territory. 

Juuzou doesn’t look this way by choice, and his capacity to develop male features was destroyed cruelly. He grew to accept his circumstances and is one of the best-written characters in my eyes. 

9. Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) 

Rimuru Tempest TrapThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Our beloved Rimuru’s Human form is undoubtedly a Trap. After being reincarnated into a Fantasy World as a male Slime, he assumes the Human Form of the human female Shizu. His long silver/light blue hair, big golden eyes, abundant eyelashes, petite body, and cute expressions make him the ideal Trap.

Trap or not, I find this character to have otherworldly divine beauty. He is just so attractive, and his in-series fan base would agree.

8. Tet (No Game, No Life) 

Tet TrapNo Game No Life Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Tet is the God of Play and One True God. He is officially stated to be male but looks like Loli appearance-wise. His big vibrant eyes, Bob haircut, petite body, and Tomboy wardrobe make him a certified Trap.

Tet is more genderless than male, but that’s just me.

7. Hime (Yozakura Quartet) 

Hime Trap Yozakura Quartet Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Hime Yarizakura is a dragon yōkai and the mayor of Sakurashinmachi. While biologically female and even dressed as one, her facial features are primarily gender-neutral due to the lack of highlighting feminine characteristics. He doesn’t have many eyelashes, her hairstyle is pretty simple, and she doesn’t seem to use any makeup.

I don’t think she counts as a Reverse-Traps. She is more of a Tomboyish gal who prefers to live with simplicity and her natural looks. 

6. Fish Eye (Sailor Moon SuperS) 

Fish Eye TrapSailor Moon SuperS Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Fish Eye is a member of the Amazon Trio sent to destroy the Sailor Guardians. This androgynous male screams Trap in every way. His long blue hair, makeup, thick eyelashes, jewelry, accessories, long nails, high-heels, and entire wardrobe are those of a Trap. 

A Trap among Traps, a beautiful one at that. It’s normal for straight men to fall for him, but are they prepared for the revelation? 

This cat-humanoid Chimera Ant’s gender is officially unknown. The wavy Bob hairstyle, big red eyes, thick eyelashes, and curvy body point towards the females. But the blank smile, gender-neutral clothes, and mostly flat-chest argue otherwise.

Since their Gender is Unknown, we can’t call this a good Trap.

5. Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter) 

Neferpitou Trap Hunter x Hunter Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

This cat-humanoid Chimera Ant’s gender is officially unknown. The wavy Bob hairstyle, big red eyes, thick eyelashes, and curvy body point towards females. But the blank smile, gender-neutral clothes, and mostly flat-chest argue otherwise.

4. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Shiota TrapAssassination Classroom Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Nagisa is a biologically male student in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. His petite build, blue hair tied into mini pigtails, and big blue eyes give a slight feminine vibe. This is mainly due to his mother wanting a daughter and forcing him into the role despite his unwillingness. 

I honestly feel for this character, who is okay with his biological gender but was forced to pretend otherwise. By the finale, he develops into a memorable male character who can live as he sees fit, and I love that about him. 

3. Crona (Soul Eater) 

Crona TrapSoul Eater Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Another entry without an officially specified gender. Crona is a demon sword master and the biological child of the witch Medusa. Their androgynous appearance comes with a thin body, tall stature, short Pink hair, big lavender eyes, and a black dress-like robe. 

Crona, quite the tragic character with a messy background, gender is the least of their concerns. Regardless, I empathize with this character and consider them a Trap. 

2. Luka Urushibara (Steins; Gate)

Luka Urushibara TrapSteins Gate Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Luka is a close friend of Mayuri Shiina and a Shrine Maiden at the Yanabayashi Shrine. This biological male is feminine in terms of appearance and personality. While there are few worldlines where he is female, the majority and the main one we know is a Trap. 

The Shrine Maiden outfit, Bob’s haircut, big purple eyes, thick eyelashes, and petite body scream Trap, but he honestly wishes he was born a Female. There’s no denying he is beautiful, even as a boy, in my eyes. 

1. Mare and Aura Bello Fiore (Overlord)

Mare and Aura Bello Fiore TrapOverlord Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Mare and Aura are dark elves and the twin Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Mare is a Trap, and Aura is a Reverse-Trap, created by Bukubukuchagama. Mare flaunts a neat Bob haircut, a short Skirt, stockings, high boots, a petite figure, and a timid disposition. Aura has spiky short hair, white trousers, dress shoes, a small figure, and an outgoing personality. 

These twins’ genders have been swapped for whatever reason, which confuses most initially. I like the way they even changed their personalities.


And that concludes our list of some of anime’s most notable Traps and Reverse-Traps! But there are still common questions people have regarding Traps. So let’s address some of them!

Are anime traps the same as transgender characters?
Are anime traps the same as transgender characters Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Not really. Unless a character is officially stated to be Transgender or identifies as such, we can’t call all Traps Transgender. 

Are anime traps harmful or offensive?
Are anime traps harmful or offensive Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Most Western audiences find the word “Trap” offensive to Trans people and consider it a Transphobic slur. It is more of a slang Term used by the Anime Community to refer to a set of Characters and should not be associated with real-life people. As long as we separate Fiction and Reality, this term isn’t necessarily harmful or offensive, in my opinion. 

How should anime Trap characters be understood and respected?
How should anime trap characters be understood and respected Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Anime Trap characters are mostly portrayed as not ashamed of their interests, even when they clash with gender norms. They may appear like the opposite gender but are okay with their biological gender simultaneously. They live without harming anyone or breaking the law, so they should be understood and respected like all other characters. We should try to understand their drives as fellow human beings. 

Why do anime traps exist?
Why do anime traps exist Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

Traps exist to confuse viewers on whether a given character is a male or female. This can be intentional or accidental; it honestly depends on the Creators. On other occasions, they are used to add Comedy and even spice up Romantic/High School settings.

What is the difference between a trap and a reverse trap?
What is the difference between a trap and a reverse trap Top 24 Best Anime Traps Of All Time 

A Trap is a biological male who appears to be female on the outside. A Reverse Trap is a natural female appearing to be male on the outside. Not rocket science! 


We hope you got a firm understanding of Anime Traps from this Article. We know there are many more notable Traps in the Anime world, but we don’t have enough space to accommodate them all, so apologies for that!

If we missed any of your favorites, share your thoughts and let us know. Your input and ideas on this topic are highly valued, so hit us up. Finally, we sincerely thank you for reading!

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