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Cosplaying Kemonomimi characters is never out of style. Thus, Felix Argyle Cosplay is one of the most popular among them.

He is not a main character, but his adorable looks have gained him enough fame that people love to cosplay him.

This cute boy loves being referred to in the third person and sometimes as a female. He is a pure entertainer and enjoys teasing people who mistake his gender as female.

Because of his looks and appearance, he always confuses people, as he has girly features. But when he is attached to someone, he can become very loyal and caring towards them.

You’ll Need:

  1. Felix Argyle Costume
  2. Felix Argyle Wig
  3. Cosplay Animal Ears
  4. Blue Ballets

DIY Felix Argyle Cosplay Guide

Felix’s animal traits and gleaming outfit make him stand out from the rest.

If you want to steal hearts, try cosplaying Felix with the help of our Felix Argyle Costume Guide.
Almost everything about Felix captures attention, be it the dress or the animal features. So, let’s assemble the pieces one by one.

Firstly, dress yourself in a Felix Argyle costume, and then complete half of the look with blue ballet shoes.
Then wear black tights and blue leggings to cover your legs. After that, you are only left with animal ears and a wig. There you go, you can introduce yourself as Felix Argyle!

Femboy Fishing – Felix Argyle Fishing | Halloween Costume Ideas

Felix Argyle Cosplay Costume

If you love wearing glossy and doll-like attire, you should not miss this opportunity.

Felix’s style of clothing describes his entertaining and cheerful personality. Cosplaying Felix is best if you want to show your love for Kemonomimi characters.

There is a long list of reasons why kemonomimi cosplays are loved. Some of them include creativity, aesthetics, and love for animals.

So, it’s a great idea to Cosplay Felix to show your love for his unique personality. It’s not a bad idea to select this look for the coming Halloween when all your friends will be cosplaying their favorite anime characters. What do you say?

Felix Argyle Cosplay

About Felix Argyle From Re: Zero

Felix became famous among Re: Zero fans right from his first appearance. He is emotional, and seeing his loved ones in trouble affects him deeply. He has a dislike for people showing their weaknesses and admires the strong ones.

It may not look like it, but Felix is blessed with impressive abilities and powers. He is a magician and an expert in water magic.

This cutie pie is willing to do anything for people he is attached to, but he also enjoys teasing them. The good thing about him is that he doesn’t hate people for long and can recognize the good in them.

He is a healer and feels bad for people who don’t have the will to love. Well, this is something the boy tries to keep bottled up inside him!

There are many reasons to love Felix but trust me, it’s not easy to hate him! Isn’t it so?

What is the most famous quote from Felix Argyle?

1. “I Guess You Know Nyothing At All, Huh?”

2. “Let’s Go, Old Man Wil.”

3. “See You In The Capital.”

4. “I’m Sure The Boy Faces Quite A Bumpy Road.”

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