Last-Minute Squid Game 456 Costume Idea

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  1. 456 Costume
  2. 456 T-Shirt
  3. Black Wig
  4. White Sneakers

Easy DIY Squid Game 456 Costume Guide

Squid Game was all the rage towards the end of 2021. “456” is the protagonist of it, whose real name is Seong Gi-Hun. Gi-hun is a struggling, unlucky man with a mountain of debt, a failed marriage, and a strained relationship with his daughter. His delivery driver job barely makes ends meet. In desperation, Gi-hun participates in the mysterious and deadly “Squid Game,” hoping to win the massive cash prize.

To dress like 456, Get started with the 456 T-shirt and procure the iconic Squid Game 456 jacket and pants. Find yourself a pair of simple white slip-ons in the process. Get a black shaggy wig with slight curls to mimic his hair.

About Gi-hun From Squid Game

Gi-hun is put in dire circumstances where he must risk everything, including his life, for a slim chance at financial redemption. Throughout the procedure, Gi-hun proves to be a true survivor. Despite the harrowing challenges, he displays a keen sense of adaptability and intelligence, staying focused on surviving.

Another vital part of this is his love for his daughter. His deep-rooted wish to provide a better life for her drives his actions. Amidst the brutal Squid Game,  He bonds with other contestants, forcing him to make difficult decisions challenging his sense of right and wrong. Gi-hun’s journey is one of redemption and moral reckoning as he seeks to find a way to bring justice to their cruel situation. He becomes a symbol of hope for the other contestants: a man who perseveres and maintains his humanity in the face of extreme adversity.

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