Last-Minute Otis Milburn Costume Idea

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  1. Otis Milburn Jacket
  2. Grey Jeans
  3. Blue Helmet
  4. Striped T-Shirt
  5. Canvas Backpack
  6. Hiking Boots

Easy DIY Otis Milburn Costume Guide

Otis Milburn is a main character in Sеx Education, portrayed by Asa Buttеrfiеld. He is the son of sex and relationship therapists, which has left him with some unique knowledge. Using this knowledge, Otis Milburn opens a sex clinic together with his friend, Maeve, at Moorvale Secondary School.

To dress like Otis Milburn, you will need a striped shirt underneath a tri-colored jacket with beige, red, and blue color blocks. For the bottom, you can wear grey jeans with hiking boots. Finish off the ensemble by adding a blue old-school bike helmet to complete the look.

About Otis Milburn From Sex Education

Otis Milburn is a teenager who is awkward and strange and has the unique experience of growing up as the child of sex and relationship therapists. By listening to parents over the years, he has gained a lot of knowledge of sexual health issues. He gradually overcame his inferiority complex and became more confident and caring.

Even though the socially awkward teenager doesn’t have any sexual experience himself, he passes knowledge on to his classmates when they need advice. Seeing how much this information is required, Otis Milburn, along with his friend Maeve, opens up a sex clinic. It is meant for use by the students at Moordale Secondary.

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