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Betty Rubble Costume

Betty Rubble is an attractive character from the American anime “The Flintstones”. She gained fame mainly because of her charming looks and being one of the main characters. This lady is very social, and thus, most of her time is spent socializing with others. Although she is the main character, her character hardly goes through … Read more

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wilma flintstone costume

A Wilma Flintstone costume is among the most memorable cosplay choices you can make. Wilma Flintstone is one of the main characters in the long-running animated show, The Flintstones. She is the wife of Fred Flintstone and the mother of Pebbles and BamBam. The show follows the two families’ adventures as they navigate various challenges and mishaps in the Stone Age. The show ran for the better part of the decade in the 1960s. It became so beloved that it was the first cartoon series to ever get a spot on prime-time television.