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Betty Rubble is an attractive character from the American anime “The Flintstones”. She gained fame mainly because of her charming looks and being one of the main characters.

This lady is very social, and thus, most of her time is spent socializing with others. Although she is the main character, her character hardly goes through any changes or ups and downs in the show.

A character without any major developments is often treated as a supporting character. So the same goes for Betty. Overall, there is no denying that she rules hearts with her striking appearance.

You’ll Need:

  1. Betty Rubble Costume
  2. Betty Wig
  3. Blue Hair Bow
  4. Velvet Ribbons
  5. White Plastic Seashell

Betty Rubble Costume DIY Guide

Getting a Betty Rubble costume is not difficult, as she usually wears a one-piece dress. Despite her simple style of dressing, she looks elegant and charming.

You won’t need to put in an effort to look like Betty Rubble. Carrying her stance, makeover, and hairstyle would give her the perfect look.

You can feel at peace as we are going to help you transform with our Betty Rubble Costume DIY Guide.

In most images of Betty Rubble, the lady is only seen wearing a dress, but you can’t walk barefoot. Thus, grab a pair of black heels, and then shift your focus to the makeover and hairstyle.

Dark lipstick is very prominent on her face, so you must buy a maroon or plum shade of lipstick and do a little touch-up. Then you need to tie a black wig in a bun to completely transform into Betty Rubble.

Betty Rubble Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Betty Rubble Cosplay Costume

Despite decades, she enjoys a special place in the hearts of fans. In fact, over time, her fame increased, and she became an iconic character in The Flintstones.

Betty Rubble’s dress sense is not only aesthetic, but it’s also vintage. Nothing is better than replicating this 1960s look in modern times. If you like the fashion of the 1960s and want to look elegant and iconic, grab a Betty Rubble costume.

To make your day memorable, it’s always better to cosplay with your friends. So, after getting your friends ready, enter a costume party to stand out in the crowd.

Betty Rubble Costume

About Betty Rubble From The Flintstones

She is very emotional. Her getting frustrated is a piece of cake, and she gets upset when her husband doesn’t behave like she wants him to.

Though crying and sobbing are easy for her, one can’t say she is weak. In fact, Betty has a strong personality and is shown to be courageous at times.

However, the thing that makes her a little annoying is her stubbornness. Once something gets in her head, she will do her best to make it possible.

What is the most famous quote from Betty Rubble?

1. “Oh, Barney, Isn’t He Precious?”

2. “Does He Have A Name?”

3. “Is That Short For Something?”

4. “What Do You Mean?”

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