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The best Mia Wallace costume guide to dress like the main female lead in Pulp Fiction. Many Pulp Fiction fans want to imitate Uma Thurman’s character. Maybe because of her natural and punky look. Uma Thurman portrays Mia Wallace. Thurman was nominated as an Oscar awardee with her iconic look and personality in the film. Mia’s life evolves with her husband, Marsellus Wallace, a crime boss. Being a busy person, her husband asked Vincent Vega, his hitman, portrayed by John Travolta, to take his wife for dinner when he was out of town. Vincent agreed to his boss’ favor despite his hesitation and worry about people thinking they were dating.

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who works with Jules Winnfield, another iconic character. They are given several tasks that they must complete together. Most of these tasks require hurting or murdering various people, making them hitmen. Throughout the film, these characters get up to some antics that have made Vincent Vega one of the most iconic characters ever.