Mia Wallace: The Wife of A Wealthy Mobster

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The best Mia Wallace costume guide to dress like the main female lead in Pulp Fiction. Many Pulp Fiction fans want to imitate Uma Thurman’s character. Maybe because of her natural and punky look. Uma Thurman portrays Mia Wallace. Thurman was nominated as an Oscar awardee with her iconic look and personality in the film.…

You’ll Need:

  1. V-Neck Dress Shirt
  2. Short Black Wig
  3. Lace-Up Vest
  4. Classic Ballet Flats Shoes
  5. Black High-Waisted Trousers
  6. Fake Puff Cigarettes
  7. Plastic Syringe Prop
  8. Fake Blood Scar Wax Kit

DIY Mia Wallace Costume Guide

It was an enjoyable dinner between Vincent and Mia. In fact, they even won a dancing contest held in the restaurant they had checked in. Despite having an almost perfect night, their problem will start because of Mia’s drug addiction.

Follow our Mia Wallace costume guide and be ready for Halloween or the next Cosplay event. To get her iconic look, you’ll need Short Black Wig, V-Neck Dress Shirt with Lace Up Vest, Black High-Waisted Trousers, and Classic Ballet Flats Shoes. Accessories like Fake Puff Cigarettes, Plastic Syringe Prop, and Fake Blood Scar Wax Kit are also important to complete the look.

Mia Wallace Cosplay Costume

Being a wealthy man’s wife with a lavish lifestyle, almost all female cosplayers would like to be Mia Wallace at least once. Her outfit shows how mysterious she is but with a touch of seductiveness and sultriness. Despite that, her outfit is effortless to imitate, especially if you want to explore new things. There are several reasons one would like to choose the Mia Wallace costume. One of these is her unique and memorable dinner date with her husband’s hitman.

Apart from that, it is also worth noting that Mia Wallace character made Uma Thurman an Oscar nominee. Moreover, most of Pulp Fiction’s fans consider this female lead as one of the most iconic characters in 1990’s movies.

If you want to cosplay Mia’s outfit when she got a dinner with Vincent Vega, it would be best if you will ask your partner, friend, or loved one to dress like Vincent Vega. No doubt, this will make both of you the center of envy on the dance floor.

mia wallace costume

About Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction

Mia Wallace is enjoying her best life with a wealthy husband. The character gives off a mysterious vibe, making her different from other female leads in the film. She struggles with her drug addiction, and she thinks there’s no cure for it. When her husband needed to go out of town to manage some things, she ended up being escorted by Vincent Vega. Vega is her husband’s most trusted hitman. Although he feels awkward bringing his boss’ wife to date, he reassures the people around them that it was only his Marsellus’ request.

During their dinner, Mia shares her past stories with Vega. She says that she was an aspiring actress and used to join dance competitions. Their dinner went well, not until Mia started doing her drugs in the bathroom right after leaving the restaurant. She overdosed herself on heroin. This made Vega ask the drug dealer to come over to the house for some help. Mia’s situation frightened Vega knowing that his boss would kill him if she died.

Mia Wallace Makeup Tutorial | Pulp Fiction

What is the most famous quote from Mia Wallace?

1. “I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me.”

2. “In conversation, do you listen or wait to talk?”

3. “I’ll be down in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.”

4. “Trying to forget something as intriguing as this would be an exercise in futility.”

5. “Through no fault of my own, I would have broken my promise.”

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