Vincent Vega: The Cult Classic Hitman

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A cult classic by Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction has inspired many to dress in their own Vincent Vega costume over the years. The character, played by John Travolta, is one of the most easily recognizable and familiar characters across the board. A man named Marsellus Wallace hires Vincent for some work. Wallace is an influential…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Suit Set
  2. 90s Black Wig
  3. White Dress Shirt
  4. Plain Toe Oxford
  5. Gun Prop
  6. Bola Tie

DIY Vincent Vega Costume Guide

Even those who haven’t seen Pulp Fiction are quite familiar with the character of Vincent Vega. He is a very recognizable character with his long, straight hair and suit. By following our guidelines, you can quickly put together a Vincent Vega costume that will be recognized by anyone you pass by at conventions and costume parties.

Start off with White Dress Shirt, Black Suit Set, and Plain Toe Oxford to recreate Vincent Vega’s look. You can wear a Bora Tie as an accessory. Put on a 90s Black Wig and bring a Gun Prop, and then you can go and complete the killer mission.

Vincent Vega Cosplay Costume

If you’re ready to try your hand at dressing like Vincent Vega, you’re in luck. Putting together a Vincent Vega costume is a pretty easy thing to do. It is likely that you already have a few pieces of this costume in your wardrobe.

To begin your Vincent Vega costume, you will first need to track down a suit. If you already have one in your closet, so long as it is black, it will be fine. Beneath it, you’ll need to find a white dress shirt. Additionally, a black tie and a black bolo tie are both important to pull the look together. He wears a pair of dress shoes that you may already have in your wardrobe as well. If not, a simple pair of black dress shoes will work just fine. If you want to add to the realism, you can get an airsoft pistol that has a silver and black body. Last but not least comes the hair. You will need to find a wig that is straight, black, and shoulder length. With this all together, it will be obvious to anyone you pass who you’re dressed as.

If you want to take cosplaying Vincent Vega a step further, it’s best to invite your partner, dressed as Mia Wallace, to a Halloween party together. There is no doubt that this would be a good couples costume idea.

vincent vega costume

About Vincent Vega From Pulp Fiction

Vincent Vega is one of the main characters in the Tarantino cult classic, Pulp Fiction. Some of the most iconic, quotable lines ever come from this movie. 

This movie stars John Travolta as Vincent Vega, a hitman. Vincent Vega is always seen driving around Redondo Beach in his red convertible. He has been hired by Marsellus Wallace to complete a variety of dangerous tasks besides another hitman. Naturally, many of these tasks involve hurting or killing different people they seek out. Throughout the film, the two hitmen get into some dicey situations and antics. 

Vincent Vega From Pulp Fiction

What is the most famous quote from Vincent Vega?

1. “Oh man, I just shot Marvin in the face.”

2. “Chill out, man, I told you it was an accident. We probably went over a bump or something.”

3. “Chill, Jules, this shit happens.”

4. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go home and have a heart attack.”

5. “Would you like to continue this theological discussion in the car, or in the jailhouse with the cops?”

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