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Clark Griswold Costume

About Clark Griswold From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold wants to have a traditional and еnjoyablе Christmas, but making it pеrfеct is not еasy. The Griswold family is gеtting rеady for a fеstivе cеlеbration, but things nеvеr go smoothly for Clark, his wifе Ellеn, and their two kids. This year, hе has to put … Read more

Last-Minute Ellen Griswold Costume Idea 1 (1)

ellen griswold costume

In Christmas Vacation, Ellen Griswold is the patient wife of the overly enthusiastic Clark. She is played by Beverly D’Angelo in the film and is known for her roles in Entourage and American History X.

Clark is insistent on having a traditional family Christmas. He goes all out to accomplish it to show how good he is at being a father and a man.

Ellen patiently allows him to do all of his extravagant activities to prepare. This includes cutting down a too-large Christmas tree and covering their home in lights.

Ellen Griswold has fun planning their vacations, though they usually get messed up in some way by Clark himself.

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cousin eddie costume

Cousin Eddie is a character from the National Lampoon’s Vacation. National Lampoon was actually a humor magazine that ran from the 70s up until the end of the 90s. Cousin Eddie is one a lot of people gravitated towards. It’s hard to say why, but they did. They actually made a spinoff for the magazine in the form of a movie franchise. In order to do that, they focused on various vacations, hence the name of the series. The short story was quite interesting and in this first Christmas Vacation movie we actually get to see Cousin Eddie which is not employed and he doesn’t have any work.