Cousin Eddie: An Unemployed Man In Bathrobes


Cousin Eddie is a character from the National Lampoon’s Vacation. National Lampoon was actually a humor magazine that ran from the 70s up until the end of the 90s. Cousin Eddie is one a lot of people gravitated towards. It’s hard to say why, but they did. They actually made a spinoff for the magazine in the form of a movie franchise. In order to do that, they focused on various vacations, hence the name of the series. The short story was quite interesting and in this first Christmas Vacation movie we actually get to see Cousin Eddie which is not employed and he doesn’t have any work.

You’ll Need:

  1. Waffle Shawl Robe
  2. Cousin Eddie Hat
  3. White Leather Belt
  4. Black Socks
  5. Black Oxfords Shoes
  6. Puff Cigar
  7. Compartment Hose

DIY Cousin Eddie Costume Guide

Needless to say, the Cousin Eddie costume does show someone not having any work. It’s extremely simple, and a lot of people like it just because of its simplicity and fun. It does add to the character, while still being plenty of fun and filled with creativity. That’s why people love it because it’s unique and extremely different from other things that you might find out there.

To recreate the image of Cousin Eddie, you first need the iconic items, the Waffle Shawl Robe and Cousin Eddie Hat. Match yourself with a White Leather Belt, Black Socks, and Black Oxfords Shoes. Of course, don’t forget to use the Compartment Hose and Puff Cigar as props to complete your own look.

Cousin Eddie Cosplay Costume

Trying out the Cousin Eddie costume is one of those creative things that a lot of people love. It’s a great character that many enjoy just because it’s so funny and interesting. In many ways, you can actually relate to this character, and that’s the thing that really makes it special. What you will certainly like is the creativity brought to the table and how he always pushes the limits to deliver something special and interesting.

Needless to say, the Cousin Eddie costume isn’t really that complex. The main focus is to try and create something that’s fun, simple, and exciting. People like the idea of dressing like Cousin Eddie because this is a relatable character and something many people will enjoy. It does take a bit of a trial and error to narrow things down and check them out, but in the end, it’s well worth it.

cousin eddie costume

About Cousin Eddie From  National Lampoon’s Vacation

Cousin Eddie comes to the Griswold home without being announced, and he is not in a very good state. He was living in an RV due to the family having to sell their house and land. Clark actually offers to buy his kids gifts for Christmas, and Cousin Eddie does the unspeakable thing. 

He kidnaps Clark’s boss and brings him to Clack to talk about his really low bonus. This is one of those things that Cousin Eddie does and which are extremely interesting and impressive. That being said, it’s the vacation movie many want to see, because it’s engaging, empowering, and also a lot of fun!

Merry Christmas From Cousin Eddie

What is the most famous quote from Cousin Eddie?

1. “If This Gets Dented, Then My Hair Just Ain’t Gonna Sit Right.”

2. “Word Of Warning Though, If He Does Lay Into Ya, It’s Best To Let Him Finish.”

3. “Oh, He’s Just Yakkin’ On A Bone.”

4. “Last Season He Was A Pixie Dust Spreader On The Tilt-A-Whirl. He Thinks Next Year He’ll Be Guessing People’s Weight Or Barkin’ For The Yak Lady.”

5. “Clark, That’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving The Whole Year.”