Death Eater Costume 0 (0)

Death Eater Costume

Cosplaying as a Death Eaters costume from Harry Potter might be the perfect costume for purifying the wizarding world. It is the Dark Lord who awaits your eternal and unwavering service! The Death Eaters are loyal followers of Lord Voldemort. There is no doubt that they are purebloods (or those who have two magical parents). … Read more

Lady Dimitrescu Costume 0 (0)

Lady Dimitrescu Costume

Lady Dimitrescu gained popularity in recent years as a video game character. Lady Dimitrescu, or Countess Alcina Dimitrescu, is a human who underwent a mutation in Resident Evil Village. The mutation was brought on as a result of the Cadou infection. After being infected, she ended up with regenerative abilities. She also gained elongated claws … Read more