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Lady Dimitrescu gained popularity in recent years as a video game character.

Lady Dimitrescu, or Countess Alcina Dimitrescu, is a human who underwent a mutation in Resident Evil Village. The mutation was brought on as a result of the Cadou infection.

After being infected, she ended up with regenerative abilities. She also gained elongated claws that she could produce or hide at will.

The eternal life that she was given continued to change her appearance up until age 44. At this age, she began to consume human blood and tissue in order to keep herself alive.

The result was reaching a remarkable height, which topped off at 9’6″. Her appearance gave her brief internet fame as video game lovers flocked to her unique appearance and attributes.

You’ll Need:

  1. Lady Dimitrescu Dress
  2. Wide Straw Cap
  3. Lady Dimitrescu Necklace
  4. Leather Gloves
  5. Black Boots
  6. White Face Paint
  7. Cigarette Holder
  8. Magic Wand

DIY Lady Dimitrescu Costume Guide

If you’re a fan of Lady Dimitrescu, you can pay homage to her by dressing up in a Lady Dimitrescu costume.

To capture the look of Lady Dimitrescu, you will need to start with her dress. She is dressed in an ivory-colored long-sleeved dress with a waist cinch.

You can get a dress that looks similar to this or get a Lady Dimitrescu dress already made. On your head, you will need a wide straw cap.

Then, accessorize yourself with a Lady Dimitrescu necklace and leather gloves, which can be hidden beneath the gloves with retractable claws.

Finally, you will need to paint your face white and hold a cigarette holder and magic wand with you.

Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay Costume

The Lady Dimitrescu costume is an elegant and sophisticated one, making it perfect for those who love to dress up.

Because of the immense popularity she enjoyed, it is a good costume for anyone who appreciates internet culture and video games in equal regard.

Her tall height is reflective of the immense fame she gained among the video game fandom. If you are one of her fans, you can dress like her in a Lady Dimitrescu costume. Follow the steps above to help you piece together the costume.

Lady Dimitrescu Costume

About Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is a human that was mutated due to the Cadou infection. Her mutation allowed her to constantly regenerate.

Beyond this, it also gave her retractable claws that she could easily control. Lady Dimitrescu was also given eternal life.

Her appearance changed over the years due to her regenerative properties. When she reached age 44, she had to work to maintain it.

To do so, she often ate people and drank their blood. This had the side effect of having her grow to tower proportions; Lady Dimitrescu is 9’6″ tall.

What is the most famous quote from Lady Dimitrescu?

1. “Hmmm. Starting to go a little stale.”

2. “Like I’d let you get away. You’ll be sliced to ribbons before you ever see that child!”

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