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Cosplaying as a Death Eaters costume from Harry Potter might be the perfect costume for purifying the wizarding world.

It is the Dark Lord who awaits your eternal and unwavering service! The Death Eaters are loyal followers of Lord Voldemort.

There is no doubt that they are purebloods (or those who have two magical parents). The blood of other witches and wizards deemed impure is regarded with ill feelings by them.

In order to do the Dark Lord’s bidding, Death Eaters disguise themselves. A Death Eater is ruthless and skilled in the Dark Arts. The only way out of becoming a Death Eater is by dying.

You’ll Need:

  1. Hooded Robe Cloak
  2. Gothic Vintage Jacket
  3. Black Pants
  4. Death Eater Mask
  5. Black Belt
  6. Magic Wand
  7. Death Eaters Tattoo
  8. Black Boots

DIY Death Eater Costume Guide

The Death Eaters costume guide is a great way to get the look of the malevolent Dark Arts wizards and make evil look cool.

Start off with Gothic Vintage Jacket and Hooded Robe Cloak. For the bottom, you will need Black Pants paired with Black Belt and Black Boots.

A Death Eater look would be incomplete without the iconic “dark mark,” which could only be achieved with the help of a Temporary Tattoo and Magic Wand combination.

Finally, wear a Death Eater Mask to add mystery and a creepy vibe.

Death Eater Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Death Eater Cosplay Costume

Try out the Death Eater costume, and you will be able to create terror and chaos in the minds of muggles at any given time.

Further obscuring their identities, the Death Eaters wear long black cloaks and leather wristbands to hide their dark marks, which can be recreated with temporary tattoos. Get ready to cast some deadly spells with a magic wand.

It would be a good idea if one of your friends cosplayed as Lord Voldemort, the leader of the Death Eaters, while you dressed up as a Death Eater.

Death Eater Costume

About Death Eater

The Death Eaters enjoy torturing and killing both muggle-born wizards and wizards who betrayed their kind and lived among muggles.

Tom Riddle, as Voldemort was known to his family and friends, formed one of the deadliest groups in literary history by recruiting misfits and power-seekers alike to seek power and chaos.

It’s a mix of weak protection, ambition for fame, and thugs looking for a leader who can show them more subtle atrocities.

In the opinion of the former Hogwarts Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, they were the first Death Eaters. Since they were the precursors of the Death Eaters, they were considered their forerunners.

What is the most famous quote from Death Eater?

1. “I’ll Deal with You Later.”

2. “Your Parents Were Meddlesome Fools Too …”

3. “Give Me the Prophecy Now, Or Watch Your Friends Die.”

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