Greg Over The Garden Wall Costume 0 (0)

Greg Over The Garden Wall Costume

The Greg Over the Garden Wall costume is taken from the animated series Over the Garden Wall. I find him to be one of the cutest characters with his stout height and adorable outfit. Greg is the secondary protagonist of the series, alongside Wirt. Both of them are children. Greg is lost in the unknown … Read more

Marshall Lee Costume 0 (0)

Marshall Lee Costume featured

The Marshall Lee costume is inspired by Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. He is a character that appeared on the animated show, Adventure Time. The first appearance of Marshall Lee happened during the episode known as Fionna and Cake. In this episode, characters are exposed to the Ice King’s fanfiction where he gender-swapped all of … Read more

Roger Klotz costume 0 (0)

Roger Klotz Costume featured

If you are feeling like casting yourself as the jerk of your college, then Roger Klotz’s costume would be perfect for you! Roger, the primary antagonist of the Nickelodeon show, is Doug’s archnemesis. Doug is taunted and harassed constantly by him, playing the stereotypical bully role. When Roger was in high school, he humiliated people. … Read more

Dale Gribble Costume 0 (0)

Dale Gribble Costume

The Dale Gribble costume comes from the animated TV show, King of the Hill. He is one of the lead characters and is seen in nearly every single episode. Dale Gribble, outside of his career as an exterminator, is the owner of Daletech. He has an aggressive but funny personality and is a musician who … Read more