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The Marshall Lee costume is inspired by Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. He is a character that appeared on the animated show, Adventure Time.

The first appearance of Marshall Lee happened during the episode known as Fionna and Cake. In this episode, characters are exposed to the Ice King’s fanfiction where he gender-swapped all of the characters.

Marshall Lee is the male version of Marceline the Vampire Queen. This gives him similar powers and abilities to the girl.

Marshall Lee is different from Marceline in other ways, however. He tends to have a rougher personality and be more violent. Instead of enjoying the electric bass guitar like Marceline, he instead plays the electric guitar.

Though he only appeared in a handful of episodes, Marshall Lee quickly became a favorite character on Adventure Time.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Plaid Flannel Shirt
  2. Marshall Lee Wig
  3. Blue Regular Fit Jeans
  4. Marceline Axe Guitar
  5. Vampire Fangs
  6. White Foundation
  7. Red Converse Sneakers

DIY Marshall Lee Costume Guide

This Marshall Lee costume is as simple as it gets. The first thing you will need is a long red and black men’s flannel shirt. Wear it buttoned up all the way to the chest.

Then, you will need a simple pair of men’s slim-fit jeans. Match the red color of the shirt with a pair of red high-top sneakers.

Give yourself the look of a vampire with white costume foundation to make yourself look pale. Using a stick of eyeliner, you can put two dots on your neck to mimic the permanent vampire bite on your skin.

A vampire costume wouldn’t be complete without fangs. You can accomplish this look by buying a pair of fake fangs that affix to your teeth or getting a whole set of slip-in vampire teeth.

Marshall Lee Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Marshall Lee Costume Cosplay

The simple nature of the Marshall Lee costume makes it easy to assemble. The casual attire in the outfit means you may already have the main pieces in your wardrobe.

Due to its casual nature, it also makes a nice, subtle daytime cosplay choice.

To make this costume stand out, you can get some friends to dress up as the other gender-swapped versions of the Adventure Time characters.

An optional way to enhance the costume itself would be to carry around an electric guitar prop.

Marshall Lee Costume featured

About Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee is a character who made brief appearances on the show Adventure Time. He is the gender-swapped version of Marceline the Vampire Queen and exists in the fanfiction that the Ice King made, wherein all of the characters are gender-swapped.

Since he is just the male version of Marceline, the two share similar abilities, although their interests and personalities are different.

For instance, Marshall Lee is seen as more rough-and-tumble than Marceline, with more violent tendencies. He also plays the electric guitar instead of the bass guitar.

Even though you can pay tribute to him with the Marshall Lee costume guide above in the same way, Follow the above steps to prepare for your next event.

What is the most famous quote from Marshall Lee?

1. “Good little girl, always picking a fight with me. You know that I’m bad, but you’re spending the night with me. What do you want from my world? You’re a good little girl.”

2. “Oh, this is bad, guys! This is really bad!”

3. “Faking it, faking it! Okay, my shirt is like filled with cream puffs!”

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