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Bliss Costume

About Bliss From Powerpuff Girl Bliss was born about eight years before the creation of her younger sisters, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. She resulted from Prof. Utonium getting into a science off with Prof. Neutronium, who had created the Perfect Little Boy. Utonium added sugar, spice, and everything excellent into his concoction, but the accidental … Read more

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Roger Klotz Costume featured

If you are feeling like casting yourself as the jerk of your college, then Roger Klotz’s costume would be perfect for you! Roger, the primary antagonist of the Nickelodeon show, is Doug’s archnemesis. Doug is taunted and harassed constantly by him, playing the stereotypical bully role. When Roger was in high school, he humiliated people. … Read more

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Johnny Bravo Costume

A Johnny Bravo costume is sure to razzle-dazzle millennial cosplayers who grew up watching his very own show on Cartoon Network. Johnny Bravo is the titular protagonist of the cartoon series. He is a shallow, boorish, and dim-witted man with an incorrigible inability to attract women. These traits mean his looks amount to nothing. As … Read more

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Finn The Human Costume

If you are brave like Finn, Finn The Human Costume is the best choice for you to cosplay. A fantasy adventure animated TV series from Cartoon Network called Adventure Time, featuring Finn the Human, tells the story of Finn Campbell Mertens as he explores the Land of Ooo and defeats evil forces. Despite Finn’s hothead … Read more

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Numbuh 5 Costume

A Numbuh 5 costume is sure to be a smash-hit amongst millennial cosplayers who grew up watching KND on Cartoon Network. Numbuh 5 is one of the main characters from the Codename: Kids Next Door series. Along with her fellow operatives, she works hard to save kids everywhere. Abigail “Abby” Gilligan Lincoln is an intelligent … Read more