Wendy Torrance: A Mother Who Desperately Protects Her Son 5 (1)

wendy torrance costume

If you want to try out the Wendy Torrance costume, you will like it quite a bit since it fits the horror element. This character is played by Shelley Duvall, and it’s from The Shining, a great novel by Stephen King. Her husband, Jack Torrance, is going crazy, and she fights him, trying to stay alive and also keep her son alive. It’s very different from all the other things you can find out there but also iconic.

Jack Torrance: Creepy Maniac With An Axe 0 (0)

jack torrance costume

It’s a great idea to try out this simple yet creepy Jack Torrance costume at a Halloween party. The Shining is so famous horror film. Not just for its unforgettable shots, but because it upended the conventions of the genre. Jack Torrance and his family became winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel on a mountain. It’s haunted there, causing some bad things to happen and putting his family in dire danger.